5 Best Arcade Games for Android

Best Arcade Games for Android

Just like adventure, there are certain sets of users who love Arcade games just like us. If you’re too in search of some best arcade games for Android, you’ve arrived at the right place indeed.

With short play times, simple gameplay, and some tough challenges, it’s always a preferred choice for many Android gamers. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc were the early ones in the arcade genre to top the list. Ever since then, there have been a lot of games that .got our attention right away!

Top 5 Arcade Games to Play on Android Devices.

Arcade games on Android cannot be compared with their coin-operated predecessors but it could turn out to be a gold mine if these Android games are played on PC. So check out these arcade Android games for PC which can be played on both smartphones and on Windows PC using a simple emulator. Here we go!

Subway Surfers.

One of the early adopters of arcade games was Subway Surfers. People played this game a lot right after the launch and there are still many gamers who love spending time playing this game. It’s a never-ending game with a lot of levels that take months to complete. Of course, you get a hacked version of the game to get unlimited coins but that doesn’t make sense if you want to have fun. Keep running on the tracks to collect more coins and power-ups to survive in the game. It’s the simplest arcade game of all time.

Jetpack Joyride.

Here’s yet another classic arcade game that has some dangerous missions to accomplish. Of course, the graphics might not be as intriguing as the modern arcade games but you will love the gameplay of Jetpack Joyride for sure. You can also participate in the game along with your friends to make things easier for you. It should be fun altogether to play this game on the PC instead of Android devices.

Brain Games For Adults

If you want to improve your cognitive skills, you can install and play brain games for adults. This app is jam-packed with a wide range of brain games that help you test and enhance your memory skills. Besides improving your IQ, these brain games will also assist in boosting your concentration level. This app is surely a heaven for people who are eager to solve mysteries, puzzles, and make strategies for obtaining top scores and results. In case you are wondering about charges, you don’t have to worry about it, as all games inside this app are available for free.

Pinball King.

We’re sure you play this game in the form of video games earlier if you were born in the ’90s. Every kid remembers this game and it was like Oh My God, you just played pinball? Well, it’s finally on the Android platform and anyone with a smartphone or laptop can play this classic arcade game on their devices. It doesn’t require an active internet connection and it provides achievements and leader boards to keep you pumped all the time.

Asphalt 9: Legends.

The latest version of the Asphalt racing game is back! The airborne version of this game lasted a long time until the new version was out. And finally, with Asphalt 9, racers have got a new game to get their hands on. When we played this game with new cars, new tracks, and locations, we literally enjoyed every minute of this game. Just like we used to play the F1 race in video games, this Asphalt 9 game reminds us of the same when played on PC.

Sonic Dash.

Right after the launch of Subway Surfers, there were a plethora of games that tried their hands on running games and Sonic Dash was one of them to get a huge success. With various characters moving at a rapid speed, you need to save them from collapsing to different obstacles that come in their way. You can invite your friends to make the challenge even more interesting. Given the graphics and high resolution in the game, you would surely enjoy playing the game on larger screens.

Closing Thought.

These are some of the finest arcade games of all time. We haven’t just considered the latest games but we have taken all the factors into the consideration to make this list a complete one. So, which one of these games you would love to play on your Android smartphone or tablet or even on a PC using an emulator? Let us know in the comment section right away!