Apply These 8 Alternative Digital Strategy Tools for Your Business

Alternative Digital Strategy Tools for Your Business

When you think of “digital strategy,” let me guess, the first thing that pops into your head is “digital marketing and all the tools required for a successful digital marketing campaign.” Well, digital business strategy is way more than that, and a digital marketing campaign is only a part of it.

Digital strategies combine the efficiencies of tech tools like analytic tools, social media, strategic app building, and extra tools like business loan calculators and plan and research how these tools affect customer interactions and generate leads progressively.

In that case, this article highlights what a digital business strategy is and some tools with huge potential of giving you the wins you need for your business.

What is a Digital Strategy for Your Business?

A digital business strategy uses technology and deliberate planning to grow your business. While technology plays a vital role in shaping your business strategy, your team effort determines how these tools apply to every sector of your digital marketing campaign.

We already know the popular digital strategy tools include SEO tools like Ahrefs, social media, search engines, etc. But you’ll learn about some top alternatives that could be just what you need to run digital marketing and business strategy successfully.

8 Alternative Digital Strategy Tools for Your Business with Greater Tendency and Effectiveness

1. Inventory Management Tools

Inventory management tools help you organize, track and monitor your products and how they perform in the market. Some popular inventory management tools include Dashboard, System Integrations, Acctivate, etc. You may employ this software in your digital strategy campaign and get results.

2. Accounting Software Tools

Knowing how far you’ve gone in your business may be enough motivation to drive you through your remaining endless journey. Record keeping and accounting is one way to determine the extent of your digital strategy’s success. With digital transformation becoming the norm, record-keeping is best digitized. So, tools like FreshBooks, Xero, Pabbly, etc., are wonderful resources to check out.

3. Statista

Many data report centers are online, but Statista is one great resource for finding accurate statistics for your digital strategy. A disadvantage of using Statista is paying for in-depth insights and data reports. However, you can still leverage the free option to determine reports that may benefit you when planning your digital business strategy.

4. Trello

“Organization” is a virtue many businesses cannot do without. When you have an organized team, you are at a higher chance of having a successful campaign no matter the industry. With the sudden rise in the global number of remote workers, digital strategies require tools like Trello to help organize, distribute, and monitor workflow in the team.

5. Google Analytics

Indisputably a foremost analytic tool for digital marketing. Google Analytics provides website owners or content marketers with web metrics and traffic to help them to plan and adjust their strategies for successful content marketing campaigns.

6. Pew Internet Research on User Demographics and Trends

Understanding the population distribution of your customers over a geographical area helps in digital strategy. Pew Internet Research is a rich database to get data on the demographics of people and how their location affects what they use and consume.

7. Google Ads Preview Tool

We often overlook this tool. Surprisingly, it proves to be a good tool. Some of its benefits include helping you to track and monitor your Google ads campaigns and showing you the keyword and keyword volume, driving more traffic to your marketing campaign all in one place.

8. Business Loan Calculator

Unless you have the financial capacity, your business requires a loan. Historically, companies used traditional record-taking mediums to determine interest rates and loan amounts. However, with the current era of massive digital transformation, these calculators provide instant reports to all these queries.
How Can You Use a Business Loan Calculator to Get More Income Control?

Business loan calculators help you determine your loan amount, interest rate, return time, etc. This will help cut down expenses and strategically budget and allocate your funds for an effective digital strategy campaign. Many times B2B companies that offer these calculators do it for free. So you need not fear additional expenses. Just sign up and enjoy!


While the highlighted tools are great for a good digital strategy, the campaign’s success narrows down to the team and how creative they can be to use these tools properly to provide desired results. If you’re learning about a business loan calculator for the first time, you can check the link in the introduction of this article to see how it works.