Software That Can Empower You to Replace Reading Text With Listening

Benefits of Text-To-Speech

Amazingly technology allows our computers and electronic devices to convert our spoken words into texts, but these devices also have the capability of reading our texts out loud in a spoken voice. This is helping people all over the world with impairments such as vision and learning disabilities. If a student is having difficulty sounding out a word that they are trying to read on a computer terminal, they can use software which will translate that written word into a verbal communication so that they can hear how it is to be pronounced.

There are multiple third-party text-to-speech software programs that offer advanced options such as converting the vocals into MP3 files and allowing the user to choose among different speaking voices. Considerably more costly versions are also available on the market which will offer assistance such as converting the written word into Braille as well as verbalizing it. There are some systems using a computer-generated voice and others that have a human voice recording with the user being able to choose which gender they prefer along with the type of accent. The software facilitates a large percentage of the online population which includes those whose language may be different than that of a certain website or app.

Benefits of Text-To-Speech

Aside from helping those with visual and learning types of disabilities, text to speech programs has a variety of other benefits as well.

  • Reading. For those who want to learn how to read, TTS is the ideal technology. Browsing the internet in these instances can quickly grow frustrating due to the volume of information presented which confuses rather than teaches. With text-to-speech, you can see the words and then the words are verbalized for you so that you can hear how they are supposed to sound.  TTS is also very helpful when you’re in the process of trying to learn a second language. It gives you the opportunity to understand the content in a way that is much easier to retain than by simply reading and studying the information


  • TTS software gives people the means to process content information while they are away from their computers. Listening to articles, books, and any text can be convenient when you are driving or out for a run. For those who try to access their content via their mobile device, the small screen makes reading a great deal of text very difficult. With text-to-speech, you can obtain all of the information that you need to receive from the content without the need to continually scroll back and forth throughout the text.

As a whole, the text-to-speech software makes everyday life easier for everyone as a means to access all kinds of different online content using any electronic device, even your mobile device.  It has made it possible for citizen participation to increase and for the corporate world’s social responsibility to be strengthened by making sure that information is available to everyone by way of the written word and the audio format.