8 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternative Solutions Online.

Best Adobe Illustrator Alternative Solutions Online

Best Adobe Illustrator Alternative – Adobe Illustrator is a standard choice for those who need high-quality graphics editing software. But still, Adobe subscription plan is quite expensive, and Illustrator is available only as a Windows and Mac app.

Fortunately, there exist many free Adobe Illustrator alternatives for browsers. You don’t have to pay for them, and moreover, they can function properly on any device with any operating system.

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Best Adobe Illustrator Alternative

1. Gravit Designer: Probably the Best Adobe Illustrator Alternative

Gravit Designer is a fast, powerful, and beautiful vector graphics editor. In addition to work in all main browsers, the download for Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, and Windows is available. In all cases, complete cloud service integration is included.

This alternative app has all the main functions including the version of the “Feather” instrument (here it is called “Paths”) and the drawing option which smoothes lines out as the illustrator draws them.

In this alternative vector design program, it is easy to create your figures thanks to the Gravit function in the Pathfinder instrument. There are many key combinations, including Adobe software analogs.

Besides, the user gets big libraries with premade figures, illustrations, icons, lines, and many other useful things. For professional users, Gravit Designer also supports CMYK.

2. Vectr: Adobe Illustrator Alternative for Social Media

Vectr is a simple instrument to create vector projects fast. It supports all the main browsers and has downloadable clients for Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows.
Vectr doesn’t have that full function set as Gravit, but it suits specific tasks better.

Vectr is especially useful when you need to create social media mockups, covers, and backgrounds. It has various document size presets. It is also easy to import photos and add text signatures above the pictures.

Vectr provides users with cloud integration. Each picture has its unique URL you can share with people. Additionally, it is possible to export finalized projects in SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats.

3. Boxy SVG: Strong Adobe Alternative

Boxy SVG is an SVG editor able to function in Chromium-based browsers like Chrome or Opera. It also has the downloadable client for Mac, Chrome OS, and Windows.

Boxy works with SVG files, so the user doesn’t need to export pictures. Projects are easy to open them in other graphics editing apps. It is also possible to get the HTML-code for pictures which you can later install right into the web-page. Saving images is available in usual JPEG, PNG, WebP and GIF formats.

This app has numerous figure drawing instruments, and different functions to draw curved lines. Google Fonts integration is also available. Mask support allows for creating more complex projects.

Boxy’s interface might be a bit difficult to learn it, but this app is a fast and very powerful Adobe Illustrator alternative.

4. Canva

Canva is a very popular and easy to use browser picture creator. It offers more than 50 000 templates for any purposes. Try using it to create logos, e-book covers, posters, advertisement banners, and many other things.

There are no drawing instruments in this Adobe Illustrator alternative. It offers the user to choose a template and tune it as they want instead.

The online service allows creating beautiful and professional projects even without having any design skills.

5. Figma

The Figma service is oriented towards professional users who know Adobe Illustrator already. It has the subscription model like Adobe, but Figma allows creating three projects for free and working in a team with two participants.

Figma is mainly devoted to interface design and fully supports files created in Sketch – another popular design instrument. Figma is also offered as the mobile app for Android and iOS you can use to preview projects.

This Adobe Illustrator alternative service supports Google Fonts and user’s custom fonts, too. It is possible to create figures with a particular instrument. The editor also fully supports masks you can save as components to reuse in other projects.

After finishing the project, you can export it as the PNG, SVG or JPEG file, or copy it as the CSS-code.

6. Inkscape: Heaven for Illustrators

Inkscape is known as one of the best free Adobe Illustrator alternatives. It is a desktop app which is still usable in the browser through the RollApp solution.

It causes a strange effect, as the complete desktop is placed inside the browser’s window. Still, if you switch the browser into the full-screen mode, everything looks much better.

Inkscape is a powerful software which might be quite hard to master it both in terms of instrument usage and many key combinations.

This Adobe Illustrator alternative is a bit slow. Inkscape used with RollApp is perfect when you need to edit a picture on the go, but it is much more comfortable to install the full app on your computer.

7. Janvas

Janvas has a large set of functions, including mask support and numerous instruments, and text editing options.

This Adobe Illustrator alternative suits newbie illustrators because of the immense template library containing almost everything: from icons and user interface elements to letter patterns. The additional pack of preinstalled gradients, templates, textures, and filters helps to get access to main components with a single click. Janvas saves the project in SVG, PNG and JPEG formats.

The service has its features. In part, its interface will take you some time to get used to it. The UI is customizable, but you’ll need to experiment a bit to find the template suitable for your tasks. The most significant disadvantage is the absence of hotkey support.

8. Vecteezy Editor

Vecteezy is an excellent choice for those who have an SVG file which requires editing. The app is the best Adobe Illustrator alternative to edit files or create the simplest icons and logos.

This application is effortless to use. It has multiple previously developed figures and illustrations to import into a new project.

Vecteezy saves files easy enough in SVG and PNG formats.

Comfortable Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives Exist!

None of the mentioned browser applications has the full set of functions available in Adobe Illustrator. But they are more than good to create posters, illustrations, logotypes, etc.