Affiliate marketing centres on a straightforward business model retail organizations defer aspects of their product sales to small traders via a series of affiliate programs. This is immensely attractive to the retailer because it immediately defers all their promotional activities, ensuring the trader is wholly responsible for the marketing costs. Traders receive a golden opportunity to sell popular items without having to purchase them in the first place or devote time to stock replenishment of inventory management. It becomes all about putting enough energy into a promotion to accumulate regular commission. When establishing an affiliate business, one of the most crucial steps any trader can take is to join an existing affiliate network. There are so many networks to choose from, but here are the top five list of best networks for 2019.

Best Affiliate Networks.


TopOffers has long been regarded as the top network in terms of cost-per-action advertising, not least because it operates in the lucrative and constantly expanding the arena of online dating. The top offers give its network collaborators global coverage and are exclusively aimed at web and app customers. They can also offer clients a wealth of experience when it comes to developing affiliate programs to taking advantage of this growth area. While tapping into such a saturated market can seem daunting for newcomers, there are still niche areas within online dating which are crying out to be explored.


Shopify is a form of affiliate marketing software extensively used by bloggers and eCommerce retailers. One of the key areas why it is so universally popular is in the amount of income you can generate for each referral. As an incentive to sign up with this network, you”ll earn your first two months of your referral’s subscription fee at a bounty rate of 200%, or up to $598 on standard affiliate plans. Shopify is an affiliate platform which is worth referring business colleagues to, simply because it’s the leading market contender in its particular niche area.

Amazon product advertising

Previously known as Amazon Associates, Amazon Product Advertising API offers retailers the enviable opportunity to collaborate with the largest Internet retailing organization on the planet. Clients are given the chance to browse through an immense product catalogue in their search for items to focus on, retrieving detailed background descriptions, customer product reviews, and excellent images. They are also given the ability to interact with Amazon’s existing shopping carts while earning up to 8.5% commission on referrals.

Amazon is obviously a supremely tempting area for any newcomer into affiliate marketing, providing instant access to a huge marketplace of goods and products which are instantly available. The moment you become a client of Amazon Product Advertising API, you will be given access to over one million products which you can sign up to promote to your existing customer base.


Peerfly is a multi-award-winning affiliate program operating on an international stage. Its ethos is it goes out of its way to eradicate the costs and headaches which are traditionally associated with the traditional models of advertising in an online environment by spreading the risk and responsibility across an entire network. This could consist of many thousands of individual affiliate trades, each one of whom receives the relevant commission payment upon the point of sale.


Affibank focuses on a range of highly desirable and profitable affiliate programs on a diverse range of subjects, but they are particularly focused on nutrition, fitness, fashion, finance, IT and the ever-popular and lucrative world of virtual currency. They have a forensic ability to home in on niche areas, and their 75% commission rate is one of the highest across all affiliate networks.