As the world grows older by the day, new things are being invented. Technological advancements have been witnessed everywhere, and we are all happy with how easy life has become, thanks to technological advancement.

However, the same technology that we are all celebrating has some negative effects. These effects can be devastating, especially to our children. Many children have been subjected to cyberbullying, introduced to drug abuse and many other things via modern gadgets like iPhones as well as Android devices.

Experts have come to our rescue, and have come up with spying applications that can help take care of young ones who are tech-savvy. Cocospy phone tracker, for example, has helped many parents to track their kids, employees, and spouses to know where they are and if they are in any form of trouble. This way, they can quickly show up and help their loved ones when they need help.

Best Free Spy app for Android – Cocospy.

You can check cocospy spy app for Android without target phone on the app’s website. Still, on Cocospy, it is the most trusted tracking app across the globe. The application commands respect among millions of users across the globe.

It has been endorsed by major publishers like the PC World, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends as well as Life Wire.

But what can you do with Cocospy?

There are many things that one can do with this super-spy app. If you are thinking of spying on someone’s messages, location, social media or anything else, you can do all these with Cocospy. And what is more, is that you can download Cocospy free spyware without touching target phone here.

This will enable you to spy the phone without them ever knowing that you know all their little secrets. Let us now look at what you can spy on when you have this application.


With Cocospy tracking app, you can be able to review all the messages that have been sent to and from the target device. This is essential not just to parents, but to employers and spouses as well.

Think of a case where your employees are sharing sensitive company information with outsiders, something that can help your competitors beat you. The only thing you will need to do is install Cocospy spyware so that you can know which messages are being sent to whom.Messages Spy

Also, with this application, you can be able to know what is making your children so secretive. Perhaps it is because they are being harassed by their friends, or being introduced to the use of drugs and other substances. When you know this beforehand, you can be able to do something to prevent.

Location tracking

Cocospy has a special feature that enables the user to easily and effortlessly track the location of someone. This feature is super awesome. As a parent, you need to know the whereabouts of your kids as well as your spouse. If they are in any sort of trouble, you can use this application to get alerts so that you can respond.Location Tracking Cocospy

Social media monitoring

Cocospy is an awesome spy application, as it gives the user an opportunity not just to know what the target people are chatting in their message inbox, but also in the inbox of social media platforms.

In this era of cyberbullying, it will be a great show of irresponsibility if a parent does not care to know what his/her kids are doing online. Our daughters are being bullied all over, being told nasty things online that easily crash their ego. This is why we need this application to help them avoid such cyberbullies.
Geo-fence a certain deviceSocial Media Monitoring by Cocospy

Whether your device is an iPhone or Android, you can easily geo-fence it so that you get a notification not just when your kid goes out of the set area, but also when someone gets into the set area. This is so awesome for parents, as kids can easily put aside their homework to go and play the moment you leave home.

If you get the notification, you can easily give them a call and notify them that maybe you are sending someone over to help them with whatever they are doing.


There is no limit to what one can do with Cocospy. Many people, not necessarily parent and employers, as signing up for this application to help them spy on their loved ones so that they can help them not to get into danger.

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