Best iOS and Android Apps to Make Your Life Better

iOS and Android Apps to Make Your Life Better

Our phones have become an integral part of our lives, and this isn’t always a good thing: you may have lost way too many hours aimlessly scrolling on social media. However, smartphones have the power to make our lives better, most notably with some of the apps that are available.

There are plenty of apps that add very little or even no value to your life. There are others, however, which can be very useful in making your life better. If you have an older phone with limited memory, you may even find it worthwhile searching through the best mobile phone deals to upgrade your phone to be able to store more apps.

Here are the best apps for iOS and Android that you should download today!

Best Apps for both iOS and Android


VLC is one of the best media players available for computers, and this app lets you enjoy its great features on your mobile phone too. It is particularly useful because it supports a large variety of different formats, allowing you to play virtually any audio or video file, even those that other players will respond to with that frustrating message “cannot play file” or “file unsupported”. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a file to download from a site or email, only to find your phone cannot play it! You can say goodbye to this frustration thanks to VLC.


Do you struggle to remember all your complicated passwords for your various accounts? Rather than changing them all to the same simple password (a big cybersecurity risk) or writing them down and saving them on your device (also a huge risk) – save them on the LastPass app instead! LastPass is also extremely useful for securely sending your password to other people. This can let you share work accounts among your team, for example, without compromising the security of those accounts. LastPass is one of the best password managers on the market, and undoubtedly the best free app.


One of the biggest frustrations of our time has to be wading through our over-stuffed inboxes, trying to sort through all the spam to find the mail you actually want to read! Even the newsletters and updates you subscribe to can be virtually impossible to keep track of in your crowded inbox. Unroll.Me is the answer: this free app pulls all your email subscriptions together and presents them to you in one daily email. It also helps you to organize your email lists, and unsubscribe from the unwanted lists in a single click.


Toggl is a time tracking app that allows you to simply track how much time you are spending on particular tasks and projects. You can run a timer to track what you are working on or add time entries for things you have done, categorising them by project and adding notes. This helps you to see how much time you spend working on different things, allowing freelancers to bill accurately, and everyone to manage their time better. The free app also allows you to run reports in order to help you to spot patterns and develop efficiencies.


Do you wish you could read more, but do you struggle to find the time? Or find that your eyes are tired after a long day in front of screens and begin to close every time that you open a book? Audible could be the answer: this handy app allows you to carry a library in your pocket, with spoken versions of almost every kind of volume, from famous works of literature to the latest novels. Choose the book of your choice and listen to it while commuting, walking, at the gym, or lying in bed, increasing your knowledge or simply being entertained.

Best iOS Apps

1. Fast Customer

One of the great trials of modern life is sitting on hold, trying to get through to the customer service department of your mobile phone provider, gas company, or any other business. You can spend hours navigating automated menus and listening to ghastly hold music, perhaps to even be cut off at the end of it all. Fast Customer helps you to avoid all this, automatically contacting the company you are trying to reach and having them call you.

Best Android Apps

1. DroidCamX

Video calls and video conferencing are becoming an important part of our daily lives, and there are many circumstances in which you may want to do this using your mobile phone as a webcam. DroidCamX is probably the best app around to do this. There is a free version that will work well for most people, with a premium option that offers high frame rates, no banner ads, and a 720p video.

2. The Bouncer

While apps can be extremely useful, they can be risky. If you’re not careful, apps may be able to access your location, your camera, your contacts, and more. The Bouncer is an app that helps you to control other apps and protect your privacy. For a small fee, it will let you monitor all your app permissions, choosing the permission they each have, and for how long.