In Android, there are thousands of apps available. We can do Every task that was possible before only for Computers. The main app or we can say the main feature of android is Browsers. Because,  a browser is a software application used to locate, retrieve and display content on the World Wide Web, including Web pages, images, video and other files. Without Browser we can’t retrieve information that we want. Android OS comes with its own built-in browser. But Some feature that are still not available in that browser. Built-in word-wrap feature still not available for chrome. This is a must feature for small screens, when you need zooming and don’t want to scroll sideways. Word-wrap works best. There are dozens of Best Mobile browser available on app store. It depends on what is your requirement. But many Browsers available that fulfill your requirements.

Today am gonna telling you about 5 Best Mobile browser available for Android Smartphone That You Should Install. There are dozens of Best Mobile Browser available for Android Smartphone & it’s hard to decide which one suitable for you. But Don’t worry today am gonna tell you about Best Mobile Browser so you can easily decide.

Before telling you about Best Browser am gonna tell you What thing we want in Browser?

Performances – this is the first thing that everyone wants. Browsing with the fluid transition and lag free experience.

Synchronization – We want a browser that History/Bookmarks Sync across any Platform.
Privacy – Private/Incognito Mode to maintain user’s Privacy. If you Don’t know about Incognito, then don’t worry this is the user privacy feature that only some Browsers provide. If you are Browsing in incognito, then your history will not record. And many other Benefits of Incognito.

Data Saver – If you are data user then you need to choose a browser that Provide data saver option. This feature optimizes data usage & saves your data. I mean this feature provides you only information that you want. You can change image quality, so fewer data will use while you are browsing.

Add-on Supported – this is the feature only available for few browsers that provide a useful extension for the user.

User-Friendly – this is the main thing that every user wants to a browser. If the browser is complicated I mean if a user can’t understand easily how to use the Browser then that Browser is not the Best Mobile Browser.

Browser Size – Browser Size Doesn’t Matter If you are using a High Specifications Mobile. But If you are using a low specs Mobile then you need to check first the size of the browser. If Browser needs lot’s of ram & your device can’t provide the space, then Browser is not useful for you.
Ok, so these are the features that we can expect from a Best Mobile Browser. Or we can say If a Browser Provides these main features the that is Best Mobile Browser.

5 Best Mobile Browser That You Should Install

1. Google Chrome –

Google Chrome is freeware browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and was later ported to Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android. This is the Best Mobile Browser for Basic & advanced user. The Best Feature that I like about Google Chrome is Synchronization. Your data will automatically synchronize by using a Single Gmail Account. For Ex. – Suppose you were added bookmarks in Google Chrome Web Browser  & you want to access that in your Chrome mobile Browser also you want to access history. Then you only need to log in the same Gmail account that you used on your computer. The other Best Part is you can open thousands of tabs in Chrome Mobile Browser.

Google Chrome - Best Mobile Browser


The Incognito Feature also available in Chrome Mobile Browser.This is the useful feature for everyone Because No history will cache when you browse through Google Chrome Incognito Browsing. Other Best Part that I like about Chrome Browser is UI Interface. If you are using Big Screen Mobile, then Google Chrome is the Best Option. Google Material Design Makes this Browser Best Mobile Browser. There are many features also available in Chrome Mobile Browser. But these are Highlights so you can decide which browser is Best for you. 

2. UC Browser –

UC Browser is a mobile browser developed by Chinese mobile Internet company UCWeb. Originally launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application. And later ported to Android. This is also the Best Browser on Google Play. This is the only browser that targets Many Country Users. The Most Highlighted Feature of this Browser is Night Mode, Ad-Blocking, Data Saver and Gesture Control. The Best Feature Of UC Browser that I like is Fb Lite. By Enabling this feature, you can Browse Facebook in Lite Mode means low data required & Fast Browsing Experience. In UC there is some similar feature that available on Google Mobile Browser are available like Private Browsing, Unlimited tabs. QR code scanner is the Best Feature of UC Browser.

UC - Best Mobile Browser

The Next thing I like about UC is its uses it’s own server or we can say VPN. Some sites that we can’t access through Google Chrome Mobile Browser that we can easily access using UC Browser. There are Full Screen Feature also available in UC by Enabling it Notification Bar hide. It’s not useful But it’s ok if you have small screen Mobile. The Best Feature Not Everone likes But it’s good fo those users who like lots of Customization in their Mobile. 

3. Opera Browser – 

Opera is Web Browser Developed By Opera Software. This is the oldest Company that’s been in the business of making web browsers since 1994. Previously when Android is not in trend & we uses JAVA Mobiles then Opera Browser is the famous Browser for JAVA Mobile. And Still, it’s famous for it Unique Features. The Best Feature is Speed Dial If you know in Mobile we can set Contact on Numbers so we can make calls so fast similarly in Opera Speed Dial uses to fastly access to any site. In Opera also Multiple tabs Browsing, Data Saving Feature available.

Opera - Best Mobile Browser

There are Customization also available in Opera Browser we can change layout.three Option Available Phone Classic tablet. No need to explain these layout you can check by changing. Opera also Provides Block Ads Features.And Incognito Browser also makes this Browser Best Mobile Browser.

4. Maxthon Browser –

Maxthon is a freeware web browser for Windows, OS X and Linux, developed by Chinese company Maxthon Ltd based in Beijing. It is also available on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android platforms as Maxthon Mobile. Reason Behind adding this Browser in this list Because rating of this Browser is more than Opera Browser. The Best thing about this browser is you can add your favorite sites on Home Screen & you can quickly Browse any Site. And One more feature that makes this Browser unique is View Mode. There are 4 View Mode available.

Maxthon - Best Mobile Browser
  • Android View
  • Desktop View
  • iPad View
  • No User Agent

No need to describe these views you can check simple by enabling any view.Maxthon also has synchronization feature like Chrome, But I will prefer Google Chrome. But this is also Best Mobile Browser.

5. Dolphin Browser –

Dolphin Browser (formerly Tunny Browser) is a proprietary mobile browser for the operating systems Android and iOS developed by Mobotap. It was one of the first alternative browsers for the Android platform that introduced support for Multi-touch Gestures. This is the best Mobile Browser NowAdays Because it’s Provide gesture control. One More thing we can change our language also. There is also shake feature available we can move into one tab to another by shaking the mobile. There is also we can change pages into the web view.

Dolphin - Best Mobile Browser

The Best or we can say important feature of Dolphin Browser is Tabbed Browsing,  Dolphin Sonar, Gesture Browsing, Sync & Webzine. This is also the Best Mobile Browser, But I Only Prefer Google Chrome.

Thank you for Reading this article I tried my best to Describe all Important Info that you need to select or choose Best Mobile Brower For you.

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