Virtual Private Network Known as VPN. VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another Network over the internet. The Basic Uses of VPN is Privacy Enhancement, Censorship Avoidance, Anonymous File Sharing and More. VPN services Provide Network Encryption & Virtualization to Our Network. For Example, Someone  Using the Internet from U.S. & If he uses France VPN then here France is Virtualization Of his Network. VPN is also useful to access Blocked Website But Main Purpose of VPN is Providing Security to Network. Many People use VPN for illegal Activity But am Gonna tell you about How VPN is useful for you & About Best VPN services For Android.

What is VPN (Virtual Private Networking)

Virtual Private Networks is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPN Provides us a Virtual Network or a Virtual layer on our Internet.

VPN is Useful when you are Using a Public WiFi then VPN Services Provides you Security. Because On Public WiFi it’s Easy to crack or find Someone Private Info like Bank Account Details or saved cards. But VPN Services Provides a Virtual layer, If someone tries to crack or hack your Private Info then VPN services will Show that you are not connected to that Public WiFi because a Virtual Layer of security is on your Network.

How VPN is Useful?

Mainly Virtual Private Network Services used By Biggest Organisation to save their Important Data from Unauthorized User. By Using VPN services If you are opening a suspicious Website then your personal Information is Safe Because of Your Computer Contacts the Website through Encrypted Connection. If you forward a request to site for some data, then your request will be sent through Secure Network & you will get your Data Back through Secure Network. So If any Malware is on Site, then your Device or Network is Safe Because of that VPN Services.

VPN Services Also Remove Restrictions on Website. Suppose A Site was banned in U.S. & Available in All Other Country then By Help of VPN services you can Easily Access that Website through your local Connection (LAN) that you are using in U.S.

VPN also Helps in Hiding Browsing Activity from Internet Service Provider. The Local Network will only see a Single Secure Connection & all the traffic will travel over that VPN connection. VPN Service Also Use to Bypass Connection Monitoring. It Means If local Service Provider Gives you 2GB high-Speed Internet & After 2GB the Internet Speed Slow down then By Using VPN service you can access the Internet at High Speed & Service Provider Can’t able to Monitor.

VPN is also used in Downloading Files From Restricted Sites. Yes to be Honest am talking about Torrent Sites. 80℅ Internet Users use torrent sites with VPN connection to access & Download Files. If your ISP is throttling torrent Sites & making It’s Slow then By Using VPN Services, You can Get Fastest Speed.

Best FREE VPN Services For Android

On Google Play Store there are Dozen of VPN Apps that Provides FREE or Paid VPN services. If you Need VPN for accessing a Blocked Website &  for Torrent Sites, then FREE Vpn Apps is Great Option. Or IF you need VPN services for Secure Data From Unauthorized Access then My suggestion Go For Paid Services.

Turbo VPNTurbo VPN

It is the Bestest VPN app that I like. This App Provides Free VPN to Unblock Sites, WiFi Hotspot Security, Protects our Privacy. The Best Part About this app is its User-Friendly If you Just Need to tap on Connect Button & you have connected No need to Choose Any Server.

Turbo VPN

This App Works with Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G,4G and all mobile data carriers. Also, This App uses TCP/UDP Protocols to Encrypt Data. No need to Go on Deep to Understand About Protocol. Overall It’s the Bestest Free VPN app that Easily available on Google Play Store.

Free VPN Proxy By SnapVPN
Free VPN Proxy By SnapVPN

This is the Second Best Option Available for Free VPN Service. Because This app Comes with FREE & Paid Version. Some Advanced Feature Available But you need to pay for It. This App has Many Options.

Free VPN Proxy By SnapVPN

You can Enable Reconnect Option. Assume Your VPN service Disconnected Automatically then it will auto-connect Again If you Enable that Option. And the Best thing About this app Many Servers Available. Assume You connected through Japan Server & not getting speed then you can connect to different Server. And this app Also Shows Server strength.


In terms of user-Friendly, this app is Similar to turbo VPN. But Not Provide Awesome VPN service like TurboVPN. But Still, this app is Perfect for open Block Sites. In this App Not too many Servers Available. But You can Change Servers.CloudVPN

But in TurboVPN you Can’t that’s why I added this App in My Best VPN service List. This app VPN services never disconnect automatically so in terms of Security this app is Perfect For Security & Unblocking Sites / Bypass Sites.


If You Guys Need VPN services not for Downloading and Not for other purposes like Security then You Can try OperaVPN. And for Best Results you need to Download Opera Mini App.


This App is Only Made more Unlock the Web. But Opera is Trusted so If you Guys have sone important data then mine suggestion use OperaVPN.


Many Sites Suggest TunnelBear VPN. But App Size of TunnelBear VPN is 20 MB. And Its takes lots of Space If you run It. And the worst thing About TunnelBear is You need to Create an Account to Use its VPN services. And It’s Provide only 1GB Internet. I think This is not the Best VPN service.

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