Rust: 5 Essential Tips & Tricks for New Players

Rust Essential Tips & Tricks for New Players

Rust is all about survival. You will need to protect yourself from the enemies by taking the available help. You have to avoid wolves and bears and stay away from the competitors who are looking to kill you. And yes! Do not forget the terrible radioactive zones that you have to face during the game.

However, you can conquer all the challenges by playing smartly and applying the necessary tricks. You can take the help of sidegamer article that make the game fun for you. These will help you detect your rivals in the game and avoid other obstacles.

But, are you a beginner at playing Rust? Here are the five essential tips and tricks for new players to follow.

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Rust Game Tips & Tricks for New Players

1. Avoid crowded servers

It is good to find a small server where only a few players exist as a beginner. It will help you face minor threats while playing, as you will not face several expert players on the smaller servers. The die-hard players who are passionate about winning will not push you out of the game. As a newcomer, you will need time to play without enemies killing you repeatedly right after spawning.

So, try to go for a beginner-friendly server. Smaller servers will let you gather materials and construct your weapons and base easily. You can learn faster in the maps on the smaller server.

2. Find a spot for a sleeping bag

One of the items that you need in Rust is a sleeping bag. You create a custom respawn point by placing a sleeping bag on the ground. Making and keeping some sleeping bags close to your base will help you respawn in the surrounding areas.

However, it is good to find a secluded spot to place the sleeping bag apart from the beach area. Finding such a place will protect you. Go to a place where no enemy can trace you easily. And your rivals can destroy your sleeping bag with only 25 hits of hatchets. So, hiding the sleeping bag is critical.

3. Avoid light and radiation

Yes! Try to avoid lighting a fire at night, and not walk with a torch at the night. Staying in the dark is the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a target for the enemies. So, make sure to cook enough food only during the daytime, so the need to lighten the fire does not arise. If you fall short of food and want to cook food at night, try to do it away from your base so that enemies do not know of your base.

After having a solid base, you can visit abandoned sites to gather valuable materials. However, be careful as exploring buildings is fun, but they can make you radioactive and kill you. If you happen to visit an old industrial site and hear a crackling sound, the building is irradiated. Please do not go into it!

4. Craft weapons fast

It is essential to crafting necessary weapons fast in Rust for a new player. One of the first weapons you will need is a spear. Try to gather wood initially in the game. Create a spear with the woods for fighting off the rivals. The wooden spear is faster and cheaper to make. The spear enables you to fight immediately as some enemies can attack you even in the first few seconds.

Another vital weapon is the hatchet which is versatile and will help you get wood faster. You will also need a hatchet to build your base to store your items safely and go back to play adventures.

5. Spread items

You will die multiple times in the game. Are you surprised? You might feel like Trap Adventure 2 Game. As a beginner, enemies can kill you many times, but there are ways to avoid it. Instead of building one base, try to construct many houses for yourself in different spots. Share your items between the houses that you make. In case you die in the game, you can respawn and live with whatever you save.

However, if you keep all the items in one place in a single base, there are high chances that your rivals will kill you and loot you, leaving nothing behind.


No doubt, surviving in Rust is tough! You will have to face enemies to mark a win. So, it is critical to have a whole lot of information on the game and then proceed with it. The above tips will help you survive in Rust if you are a beginner. Play hard! Also, if you’re looking for some best puzzle games, then you can read our article on them.