Netflix is on demand popular American media streaming Website founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Now it’s not only targeting American audience, also in many countries Netflix is popular. Because on Netflix there are dozens of category available in every genre, you can access using Netflix Secret Codes. If you’re a new user and want to Watch TV Shows and Movies then you can use one month Free Netflix account.

After that, you need to pay minimum 8$ (500 INR) for a month and it’s not a Big Amount for some users. But still, there are some Netflix users who can’t afford to pay 8-13$ per month and want Free Netflix account for lifetime. I know you guys are searching for free Netflix accounts and Password and many sites claim to provide that by doing a small survey. And even after doing the survey if you got accounts details then you end up with invalid accounts.

How to Get Free Netflix Account?

There are dozens of forum sites available on the internet that provides Bulk Free Netflix accounts. And it’s hard to find which account is working and which is not. But by using Account Reaper software you can get working account list within a minute.
Am gonna tell you about that software later, and will provide a list of 30k+ Free Netflix Account. But if you’re new Netflix user then you don’t need to use any trick or any premium account. You can get one month Netflix Free Trial and can cancel the subscription to save money.
If you’re already using Netflix account free for one month then scroll down and get Premium Free Netflix Account. This Article is for educational purpose only we don’t support any illegal activity.

How to Get Netflix Account Free for one month without using a Debit/credit card. 

If you ever tried to get one month Free Netflix Account then you must be aware that you need to add your card details. But what if you don’t have a card then in this case you can use the virtual card and get Netflix free account.
Open Netflix Plan Page and select suitable Plan For you, here am choosing Premium Plan. After that just click on Continue > Continue.
Free Netflix account - Plan Select
Now enter your Personal email id and password, or you can use disposable email sites to create a temporary email address.
Free Netflix account - account details
Important – Now on next page it will ask you to your credit card details. And, as I mentioned if you don’t have a credit card then you can use these services a ) Netteller or b) Entropay.
Free Netflix account - card
By using this method you”ll get Free Netflix Account for a month and later you can pay if you want. Else you can use one of these Netflix Free account and Password.

Free NetFlix Account and password 2018.

Please don’t change Login details of Accounts it’s a humble request from my side. And If the account is not working for you then use Account Reaper software to get information of working account.

You can get the latest combo from Nulled Forum if these are not working for you.

How to check which Netflix Free account is working and which is not?

Download Account Reaper Software and then Run using AccountReaper.exe.

Free Netflix account - Account Reaper

Click on Proxies and then hit Find Proxies Online, you can add your working proxy also using From File and From Clipboard option. After that click on Test Proxies, it will take few minutes. You can also remove slow proxy server using Remove Non- working and Remove slow option.Free Netflix account - test proxies

Go to modules and the mark Netflix and then go to general and then add combo list of Netflix using From File option and just hit Start. Free Netflix account - modules

And within few minutes it will show you all working Netflix account.

This post is completely for education purpose only, My intention is to provide geeky information to my readers. If anyone is doing any illegal activity using this information am not responsible.


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