4 Clever Ways To Hire Flutter Developers

Hire Flutter Developers

If you are thinking of launching a mobile app, you might want to hire Flutter developers. Flutter is a mobile SDK that allows you to build cross-platform apps faster and more affordably.

However, when you decide to hire flutter developer, you have to know where to find them and what to look for. Not all options are suitable to your industry or your budget, so evaluate every avenue before deciding between freelancers, outsourcing, outstaffing, or in-house hires.

What Skills To Look For When You Hire a Flutter Developer

Flutter developers are hard to find, so look for front-end developers that have a working knowledge of Flutter and Dart, as well as other mobile programming languages (preferably Kotlin or Swift).

They should also be able to communicate well in English, be a good organizational fit and have the necessary hard skills to complete the task at hand.

What Flutter Developers for Hire Do

Aside from the obvious task of building applications, Flutter developers have to review their own code regularly, fix issues and bugs, do their own research about new Flutter technologies, and manage and assist in the app development lifecycle.

Their responsibilities will vary according to business needs and the skill level of the developer.

How to Hire Flutter App Developers as Freelancers or In-House

Flutter developers are rare, even as demand is growing. If you are a small or medium-sized company, it can be challenging to attract the right talent as tech-first enterprises tend to headhunt them actively. Finding an employee can be expensive and take several months. If you are under time and budgetary pressure, you may not want to hire an in-house team of developers.

In-house hiring can also limit your candidate pool because you’ll need to hire someone from your geographic area. You will also need to provide a competitive salary, bonuses, taxes, and benefits to your staff.

You could hire a freelancer, but this isn’t easy. You need to manage different freelancers, in different time zones, with different skills and different project management tools. This can be overly complex and time-consuming.

Remember, building an app doesn’t require one or two developers anymore. You’ll likely hire a more expansive team of business analysts, managers, designers, and QA specialists.

On the plus side, you can access a large talent pool, and you don’t need to invest in equipment or HR. On the downside, freelancers like working independently and might not be suited to the teamwork you require. They may also charge a premium because they are so in demand.

In both instances, you’ll have to source the candidates, interview them and vet them.

Hire Flutter Developers via Outsourcing or Outstaffing

If you don’t have the resources or time to hire someone in-house and you don’t want the hassle of dealing with freelancers, you should consider outsourcing or outstaffing. Outsourcing is convenient and affordable.

Outstaffing involves hiring a few outside providers to perform specific services, working in cooperation with your existing in-house development team. Outsourcing handles the entire project remotely; in other words, you delegate the whole development process to the vendor.

You may use outstaffing or outsourcing to hire frontend or backend developers, project managers, quality insurance managers, DevOps, or analysts, depending on your needs.

You can modify your team as you need to. You can handle the project management or Quality Assurance management aspects on your own or remove developers as you progress.

In general, it’s much cheaper to outsource. An app that might cost $100,00 in the United States could cost about $40,000 in a country like Ukraine because developers are more affordable, and there is no need to pay perks, vacation time, or sick leave. You will also get a large pool of candidates while retaining all of your intellectual property and rights.


Flutter is a convenient and fast SDK. When you hire Flutter developers, you need to decide which hiring method will suit your needs: freelancers, in-house developers, outstaffing, or outsourcing. If you do opt for the convenience and affordability of outsourcing, make sure you partner with a trusted agency with the right experience and candidates for your business.