How Cars Are Becoming Increasingly Connected.

Connected Car Software

History of Technology in Cars

Connected car software first started in 1996 with the presence of OnStar in the car. OnStar was a piece of technology that was put in the car which would allow a phone call to be made from the car in the case of an accident. As this technology became more advanced, OnStar was then able to send a GPS location of where the car was to the call center where an agent would be able to notify emergency medical services so help could come.

By 2003 connected car software became a little bit more advanced. In addition to OnStar, connected car software would also include things like vehicle health reports so you knew when to do the proper maintenance on your car, turn by turn directions to help you navigate without looking at a map, and a network access device.

In 2014, Audi made the first car with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots in it. This would later be included widely in General Motors cars. Other developments of connected car software are seen in the way that cars can read out your text messages, notify you of a car in your blind spot, and help drivers prevent accidents by sensing when a car stops in front of the driver.

Ways Cars Are Connected

As connected car software has become more and more advanced, there are many ways in which cars can be connected to people, the internet, and more. One way they are connected is between the vehicle and the infrastructure. This means that the car is relaid information to the driver about the data of the vehicle, such as safety, mobility, or environment-related conditions. This could be things like tire pressure, weather, or a number of seat belts buckled.

Another way cars are using connected car software is to connect to other vehicles. This means that the car can sense the vehicles around it. It then uses this data to prevent accidents, maintain a similar speed, or even ease traffic congestion.

A third way a vehicle can use connected car software is to connect to a cloud system. This allows the car to get information from other vehicles or pieces of technology that also have information in the cloud.

A fourth way a vehicle can use connected car software is to connect to a pedestrian. This allows the car to sense the environment around it including other vehicles and other pedestrians to ensure everyone says safe. This technology helps the driver stay aware and may alert them of people they would not have seen, which can prevent unwanted accidents.

Developing Car Software

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