How to get likes on Instagram: Content Ideas and Creative Strategies

How to get likes on Instagram

The trend of Instagram marketing is huge these days with the number of increases in its followers per day and the popularity it is achieving among top brands and influencers. Instagram is now becoming more than a social media application for sending messages and sharing photos.

A lot of people and brands are struggling each day to increase their Instagram followers and give a boost to their brand marketing. The most challenging thing about using Instagram is to get famous and noticed among larger audiences. One of the effective ways to get attention from users and gaining popularity on Instagram is to get Instagram likes.

By adopting the right content ideas and creative strategies, you can easily increase your brand reach on Instagram. So in this article, we have listed some effective tips to get likes on Instagram and social popularity.

Create user-based content

It is important to understand what your users would like to see on Instagram. To get an insight into your user’s tastes and preferences, you can check out their latest posts and the images/videos they usually like and comment on.

There are some broader categories of content people generally likes such as:

  • Motivational Content
  • Educational Content
  • Entertaining Content
  • Community-Based Content

The best way to formulate content for your Instagram posts is to create a mix of these content types and present them uniquely. Also, you can try up with different content types to know what your users prefer. In this way, you will gain some real like on Instagram.

Write pleasing captions to increase engagement

Another most effective tip to get likes on Instagram is to write captivating captions for your Instagram posts. A caption helps to comprehend the meaning of your posts and reflects the nature of your brand.

To write captions, keep these tips in your mind:

  • Maintain consistency in the style of content.
  • Encourage the power of emojis in your captions.
  • Length of your Instagram captions.
  • Use relevant and brand-related hashtags in your captions.
  • Include a call to action in your Instagram caption.
  • Write a short, descriptive and attractive caption.

By writing a good caption you will not only get maximum likes on your posts but also your brand will get recognized among people. It is also a great way to communicate with your users directly and give a boost to your marketing strategy.

Post relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the powerhouse of Instagram. It helps in expanding the reach of your Instagram posts and let people find you. When you include popular and branded hashtags with your posts, you can see a significant increase in the likes of your posts.

There are some common ways to find out the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. Firstly you may refer to the top brands in your niche and check out which hashtags they are following. You can also create your hashtags for establishing your brand.

It is also important to understand how much hashtags to use in each post. Since Instagram permits you to insert up to 30 hashtags per post, take advantage of that. But do not put hashtags unnecessarily in large numbers.

Participate/Run contests

Running contests and inviting people to participate in them is another way to earn Instagram likes. Generally, people found these competitions interesting and are willing to win prizes. All you have to do is to create popularity among people regarding your contest.

To run contests and giveaways, make sure you mention all the important details of the event/competition. Don’t forget to include exciting captions and hashtags for inviting more and more number of participants. Additionally, you may invite people by going live and telling them about coming contests.

Pay for Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a paid option but very effective in getting likes for your Instagram posts. It helps in boosting the reach of your posts to the right audience you wish to target.

An Instagram ad works as per your choice. You need to set the demographics like age, location, and preferences of your audience you are targeting. Based on that, your posts will reach up to the maximum accounts, thus enabling you to get more likes.

Include location tags

Geotag is a popular way to get local people easily finds you. This feature can be accessed by clicking ‘add location’ while posting your photos and videos.

Its benefit is that when people search for some specific location, your profile and posts will show up and help you to get more likes and impressions.

Final words

So these are some of the best ways to get more likes on your posts on Instagram. All you have to do is to make continuous efforts and use these vital strategies for fine results.