Filter and File – Keep Track of Company Devices.

Keep Track of Company Devices

One of the most difficult but necessary aspects of running a business or a company is organized. Making sure your network is organized and dependable can make or break a company. If your network is cluttered and difficult to read, you’re in need of dedicated organizational software to keep your network clean and secure. The less organized your network, the harder it is to monitor your everyday business.

Luckily for business owners, programs are available that keep track of a company network and provide access to the information gathered. Having software that records and organizes information on a network will save you and your company both time and money as you no longer have to dedicate your hours to organizing the information and devices yourself.

Network Inventory Management

A quick rundown of terminology about these programs is due before you can begin the shopping process. A network is made up of any company device that is connected to a company’s server. This includes company computers, cell phones, and pagers. Anything that is owned by the company and connected to the server is a device on your network.

Inventory software is a program that compiles and organizes all of this information into one place. This allows you to access the information and monitor activity within the business. The better your network is organized; the more efficient the business will be within the company. However, this could be a lot of information – so how do you access the specific records you’re looking for?

Software Asset Management

Think of your network inventory software as a list of thousands of people all compiled into one spot. You only want to access a file on one of those people, but you’ll have to scroll through hundreds of them before you finally come across this person that you’re looking for. Having a search option or a method of filtering information would allow you to access the person’s file much quicker.

That’s exactly what a software asset management tool allows you to do. With a wide range of search and filtering options, a good software asset management tool will make accessing data on your network that much easier. Some network inventory software doesn’t incorporate this feature and thus the information is more difficult to find quickly. Do your research before purchasing the license to a program.

Total Network Inventory

One software that not only features this tool but implements it as one of its foremost programs is the Total Network Inventory. This software is one of the most prominent and experienced programs available in the industry and with their latest version (ver. 4) they are set to lead the way in 2020. This program is both affordable and accessible for any sized business or company.

TNI works on any operating system – Windows, Linux, macOS – and allows your network to have multiple operating systems on one server. This enables you to avoid switching to one type of computer or purchasing different inventory management software for your company.