Are There Any Legit Ways to Improve Macbook Performance?

Improve Macbook Performance

A brand-new computer clearly has the advantage of that which has been used for a few years. The overall performance is definitely one of the things that decrease over time. But that should never be a reason to look for a replacement.

If you have a Macbook that slowed down and would like to remedy the situation, this article should be exactly what you are looking for. Continue reading and you will find out how you can improve your computer’s performance.

Legit Ways to Improve Macbook Performance.

Make Use of Performance-Boosting Software

Just like people use various things to make themselves better, so can your computer take advantage of software that can help it. There are quite a few available options, but if you want to focus on improving performance, something that focuses on that is the clear option.

You can read more about the best mac cleaner software and other related matters on the MacPaw website in the provided link. And when you do find something that you believe worth the investment, do not hesitate. Download, install and run it to see if that will make any difference.

Cleaning the Dust

If you have not had a chance to clear the dust inside the computer, it should definitely be at the list of your priorities. You may find it surprising just how much of that stuff has accumulated over the years.

The more thorough your cleaning, the better off the outcome. And do not rely on just a washcloth. Look for some special products or consider browsing through tutorials online. An overheating Macbook is one of the best indicators that you have a dust problem.

Clearing Your DesktopClearing Your Desktop

Quite a few individuals have this terrible habit of putting everything on their desktop so they have no problem finding whatever it is they are looking for. Once they start doing so, returning to normal mode is a bit of a challenge.

You should look to organize files and make everything in order. Put files in categories and create necessary folders. Free up your desktop so that it does not take so long for everything to load.

Startup Items

Go to System Preferences and find your profile in the Users and Groups window. Select Login Items. You may notice that there are more than a fair share of different applications that launch the together with your computer.

It happens to be one of the most common problems for horrible performance. The solution should be quite clear – uncheck all the boxes and make reduce the number of startup items to a minimal amount. It makes no sense to have an application start like that if you are not going to use it immediately. After all, you can always start it when it is necessary.

Only the Most Recent OS Version

Your operating system version ought to be up to date at all times. While it does update automatically, there may be some instances where Apple releases an update that comes with a bug or two and some users experience a problem. Therefore, until there is a hotfix or something along those lines, you will have to update the OS manually. Quite a few apps will not function properly if the version is not updated. The same thing can be said about the overall performance of a Macbook as well.

Add More RamAdd More RAM

RAM does not cost a lot of money these days and you can find plenty of great offers on the internet or even your local store. The investment will definitely be worth it in the long run, so if you do have some money to spare, adding more random-access memory is the way to go.

Old Files

If you happen to be one of those who like to hoard everything on their computer, be it video downloads from YouTube, pictures you have taken, applications that are no longer of any use, and so on, look for a way to open up more space on your drive.

Deleting some of that is an obvious option, but you may find it difficult to get rid of some of them like it was nothing. The best option would be to make more use of cloud-based software and store your files there. A USB drive or two could also be an option. In other words, look for some external storage alternatives if you are having problems with too many files on the Macbook.

Solid-State DriveSolid-State Drive

An SSD is a great investment for a relatively cheap price. It would be difficult to find something that would make as much of a positive difference in making any computer perform faster. Unless, of course, you would be willing to purchase a brand-new one. But then again, who would want that when there is a way to save money by doing this and everything else that was mentioned in this article.