Magento Migration Procedure, Migrating From Magento 1 To 2

Magento Migration Procedure, Migrating From Magento 1 To 2

Migrating From Magento 1 To 2 – How Long Should It Take?

Magento 1 has been a great platform since it was released in 2015. Yet, every software gets upgrades once in a while. Technology is a competitive business and every platform has to keep up with the time. What does that mean for your e-commerce business? Whether it is a large store or a small startup, it is never too early to think big. Magento is a platform that has a lot of advantages over competitors due to its customization feature. Hence, the new version is much more advanced. It might be seen as a stressful process. So, Magento 1 to 2 migration services might come to use.

What Are The Reasons For Migration?

For sure getting used to software is important. All the daily business operations you conduct depend on the platform. Magento 1 is well-recognized and praised by amateurs in e-commerce. It became a good platform to start. With time, developers added the features that were requested by the customers. They are based on the client’s needs. Here are the main points every user should consider:

  1. The new version provides better security protocols for your business;
  2. The support of the first version is running out;
  3. Magento 2 enables your business to be a stronger competitor;
  4. SEO technology in the new version is above the average software that e-commerce entrepreneurs use.

Who Wins The Opencart Vs Magento Competition?

Both platforms were developed for users who are starting a business. It does not mean that they exclude more advanced ones. If you have the privilege and budget for hiring a programmer to maintain the store, any platform is good enough. The difference between Opencart vs Magento lies in a couple of aspects.


The pricing varies. Support plans for Magento might seem more expensive. Yet, many users prefer it for its functionality. Both were written in PHP, so it is possible to be a beginner in IT and maintain your shop running. When it comes to programmers and those specialists who can support your platform if you have no time, Magento wins. Due to its success in the past, many professionals took interest in learning about all the benefits of this software. Hence, you will not struggle to find an employee for that job.


It is believed that Magento works well for large companies. No doubt it has enough features to satisfy the pickiest customer. Nothing is holding the beginners back from it. Get to know all the functions and you will see that your competitors miss out by not paying attention to this platform. SEO features will grant advantages even to the smallest online shop.


The estimated time for migration from version 1 to 2 is three months. It is the worst-case scenario though. Count the time you have, the budget, and identify the ways of migration. Do you want to use outside help or do you have a specialist of your own? All these factors will influence the speed and smoothness of the process. Assessment of the current state of affairs is vital. To migrate, you need to know what is running in your store at the moment. These will be extensions, themes, and other details. They make up the operations. Note that some extensions will not be easy to transfer and some will just set in without you noticing it. To cut the time your process should be thoroughly planned and executed by a qualified individual. So, can you handle it on your own or would you like some help?