How to promote your app on Instagram

How to promote app on Instagram

There are more than 700 million monthly active users on Instagram making it the perfect platform to promote your app. You don’t need a lot to build an engaged following, all you need is a small budget and some creative energy and you will build a following that will eventually lead to more downloads. People go to Instagram when they want to discover more about a business, brand, or anything else for that matter and this is the reason why businesses and brands invest so much of their time into their Instagram profiles and by doing so, they gain more followers. App developers are now also turning to Instagram and for good reason. Here are 5 simple steps for promoting your app on Instagram.

Connect with influencers

Instagram is home to a wide variety of influencers in all different niches and you can find influencers on IG with a similar audience to your app which is very important because they will be able to influence their audience to use your app which is the goal: to get more users. To find influencers, you want to explore which posts are most popular for certain hashtags that relate to your niche. You can also head to your explore page and search for Instagram influencers. Influencers have a massive following and they use their platform to market and promote businesses and brands for a fee.

If you want to grow your audience, you should collaborate with influencers because if they promote your app, their loyal followers will most likely support it and possibly even follow your account after their favorite influencer tags you. If you’re looking to grow your followers base you could use a growth service such as Growthoid as well, because that is a guaranteed way to attract Instagram followers. Doing that plus taking advantage of influencers will undoubtedly contribute to reaching a massive audience.

Collaborate with influencers

Once you have found the influencer that you want to collaborate with, you should approach them and initiate business. There are many ways that you can work with influencers and one of them is that you can offer them free access to your app in exchange for them promoting it to their followers.

Another way to collaborate is to offer the influencer a section within your app or you can even build an app that caters to your needs as well as theirs. This will encourage them to promote the app very authentically and enthusiastically which their followers will be able to connect with as opposed to them just being paid to advertise something that they don’t particularly connect with.

Reach out to bloggers

Besides influencers, you should also reach out to bloggers who you think could use your app and you should offer them access to it. This will benefit you because bloggers have their own audience and following and if they enjoy the experience that they have on your app, they can write about it and recommend it to their readers which will result in more awareness of your app and more users.

Use hashtags to increase visibility

No social marketing strategy will be effective without incorporating hashtags which are relevant words that begin with the “#” symbol that you add to your captions on Instagram. Hashtags are used to categorize content on social media and make posts more discoverable.

To find the right hashtag, you need to research popular hashtags in your niche and then use one that is popular but not too saturated because by using a saturated hashtag, you risk your post being lost in a sea of other posts that use the same hashtag on the corresponding hashtag page. There is also the option to use branded hashtags which are hashtags that are unique to your business, or in this case, your app. To increase visibility, use at least one branded hashtag per post and make sure your hashtag is relevant.

Add a photo of someone using or enjoying your app

Visuals are very important and the right photo can be very engaging on social media. You can use photos to attract followers and potential customers by making them high quality and giving off a certain mood. You can have a photo of someone using your app which will be good for promoting your app and encouraging people to use it, as long as the image is alluring.