5 Methods to Recover Recently Deleted Files on Windows 10

5 Methods to Recover Recently Deleted Files on Windows 10

If you deleted a valuable file on Windows permanently, it might seem impossible to get it back. If you don’t have any experience restoring files from Neverland, it can feel hopeless. But don’t lose heart as there are sure ways to recover files. So, this is not an issue to fret over. Check out the proven ways to restore your files and folders on Windows 10.

Top Easy Ways to Recover Files on Windows 10.

You might be surprised, but the recovery of files can be effortless. It doesn’t always need to include external help such as additional programs, although they are very effective if the case is serious.

The Undo Delete function.

Every Windows 10 has an option to restore data by requesting the command ‘Undo Delete’. For this, you will need to open Windows file explorer and find the folder that contained the lost file. Once you open this folder, click the right mouse button and choose ‘Undo Move’ from the menu that popped up.

Or, if you are good at remembering button combinations, just press Ctrl + Z right after deleting the file by accident – and it will be back.

With the program Undelete My Files Pro.

This tool will aid you in recovering deleted files absolutely for free. At first, the program and its interface might look like a little outdated one but you will change your mind once you see it in action.

Besides simply recovering files from hard drives, this app can help you take snapshots and retrieve files easily and effortlessly. It can also recover emails or help you delete certain files for good.

Using File History.

Now, this is not for every PC, but some devices allow you to configure them so that you can restore permanently removed files from history. This is simple:

  1. Open Windows 10 search bar.
  2. Type in ‘Restore your files with File History.
  3. Among the suggested folders, choose the folder where the deleted file was located.
  4. Pick the file and press ‘Restore.’ The file is expected to go back to its initial location.

With Disk Drill.

Among the top data recovery software for recovering files, Disk Drill stands out as a universal program to get back files from both computers and flash drives. The use of this program is simple. Download it to your device and start scanning the specific hard drive.

Since erased files are not deleted right away from the computer but simply are no longer reflected, Disk Drill can help you see that they physically remain in your hard drive.

The duration of scanning depends on the volume of scanned files and the depth of this scanning. Different subscription versions offer different scanning opportunities, but even the demo version can save many of your accidentally deleted files.



Using Backup.

In the settings, you are to find the Backup and Restore window. Next, choose the backup that you have and that could contain the file from the given options. If you are lucky to choose the right backup, the file will be restored. Just pick the ‘Select all files from the backup’ option.

That’s all! Wait for the backup process to be completed.

We hope this was enough for you to figure out that your files are not lost forever. There are a lot of checked and time-tested ways to bring them back – both with standard Windows 10 tools and third-party applications. Choose the one that seems most relevant, and the result won’t be long to wait for!