Big data mostly refers to large amounts of data sets that have no specific format. The data is from various sources and platforms such as POS, customer feedback data, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms. This large amount of data cannot be processed easily, and thus requires unique techniques to process and make sense of it. Big data existed long before the Internet of things. For this reason, big data is mainly dependent on three key factors: volume, velocity, and variety.

Internet of things (IoT) is a system of connected physical objects through the Internet. IoT is about devices, data, and connectivity. It has become a buzzing technology in all sectors. It involves creating smarter products and delivering intelligent insights and opinions. This enables the monitoring, evaluation, and control of information that is transferred from one device to another. For example, the Internet of things is used in street detectors for default street lamps and for traffic lights.

Relationship Between Big Data and IoT.

The two are connected because the Internet of things will cause a massive flow of big data as devices are connected all over the world. The two have been integrated to form a working relationship that is very efficient. The use of these two technologies together has created a big impact in the world, such as:

Customized promotions

Customers now only receive ads, promotions, and offers that suit their specific needs. The large complex sets of data collected about consumers from the various social networking platforms they use are processed and utilized to suggest the perfect products for them.

Customer interaction

Internet of things uses data and connectivity to interlink customers’ devices. This way, customers are able to interact with other consumers, giving suggestions and even complaints to improve the services provided to them. This is also marketing, which is beneficial to businesses.

Mobile network

The mobile application is improved by the use of both big data and IoT. Connectivity is improved and made broader for mobile users. They are able to connect on various social platforms.

Businesses and other organizations are encouraged to have an understanding of big data and IoT and to use it when possible to run daily operations. You can hire a team of big data engineers from ActiveWizards to offer consultant services to your company. There are certain advantages that come with big data and IoT working together, which include:

Increased business activities

Big data and Internet of things work together to collect large amounts of data, to analyze them, and to use them in running the business. Marketing is crucial to any business, and with the use of IoT, any company is able to reach people globally.

E-health system

The future of e-health is in the hands of big data and the Internet of things. Big data will enable future research for large information that will work to improve the system and make it accessible worldwide. IoT, on the other hand, helps manage the various levels of connections to ensure efficiency in the transfer of information.

Security and safety

IoT sensors can be installed at strategic places to prevent crime. Road safety will also be improved by using IoT to manage traffic lights. Big data is also used to gather information to predict the appropriate type of defence and security measures.


Big data and the Internet of things have become widely used in many areas today. The two work together very well, and the main relationship between them is the connectivity and efficiency that they provide when putting together.

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