Jide Technology Launched Remix OS Player that allows us to Run Android Apps on PC. It’s similar to  BlueStacks App Player But Not-so-similar Because Remix OS player comes with some advanced features. And the Best part about Remix OS Player is Based on Android Marshmallow. That’s why this is the most up-to-date emulator on the market. By Using this You can easily Run Android Apps on PC.

What is Remix OS Player?

Remix OS Player is like Virtual Machine & we can say it Emulator of the Complete Android Operating System. It comes in .exe File Format. So we can run this Emulator Easily in our PC. As I told you this is virtualization of Android OS so We can access Google Play Store & we can run our Favorite Apps & Games in PC. ButIt’s not a lightweight Solution I mean we can’t use this in our old Computers Because According to Official Site of Jide technology we need 4GB of Ram to Run Smoothly on Computer. But If you want to use just for apps then you can Run in 2Gb of Ram PC. Because Remix OS Player Provide us Option to Set RAM & C.P.U & Resolution. So we can select low specification PC & run Remix OS in Old PC. That’s why this is better than Bluestack App Player. I am not saying Bluestack is not good am Just Saying Remix OS Player comes with some Advanced Feature

What is Difference Between Remix OS & Remix OS Player? 

Remix OS is just like other OS. To Install we need to replace this with our Native OS. I know there are some options available to dual – boot Remix OS with our Native OS. But If you are not-so-geeky then that is not useful for you.

Download Remix OS Player & Run Android Apps on PC (Complete Guide)

Now let’s talk about Remix OS Player. Remix OS Player is just like a windows Software. You just need to download & install & this is ready. Remix OS Player Utilizes the latest Android Studio Technology. Android Studio is a tool that already used by developers to test Android Games and apps on PC.

How to Install Remix OS Player & Run Android Apps on PC.

Before Move to Installation Procedure First Check System Requirements to Run Remix OS in Your PC. And one More thing You need to enable Virtualization technology in BIOS to Install Remix OS.
You Don’t need to go anywhere to know How to Enable Virtualization technology you will get complete information in this article.

Recommended system requirements

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer
  • Core i3 (Recommend Core i5 or Core i7)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage (Recommend 16GB)
  • Internet access is helpful.

 How to Enable Virtualization technology in BIOS

1. Restart your PC

2. Press ‘F2‘ or ‘Del‘ or ‘Enter‘ to get into BIOS (in Hp for BIOS press F10)

3. Locate “Virtualization Technology” / “Intel® Virtualization Technology” under “CPU Configurations”, “System Configurations”, “Advanced’ or ‘Security” tab

4. Enable “Virtualization Technology

5. Save the changes and reboot.

After Enabling Virtualization Technology its time to Install Remix OS Player & run your favorite Apps on PC.

For Installing Remix OS Player you need to Download first Remix OS Player executable File that’s easily available on Jide technologies Official Website. There is three source available to download Remix OS Player. I selected SourceForge you can select any.

Download Remix OS Player  

First Extract Remix OS Player File Using Extractor you can use WinRAR or any other Software. It takes 1-2 min. to Extract.

Download Remix OS Player

Now Open Extracted Folder Right click on Remix OS player application then click on run as administrator.

Download Remix OS Player

Now a window will open mark on advanced Settings. Now you can select RAM, C.P.U. & Resolution. Here am selecting 1.5GB ram & am using 4Gb ram PC. Now click on Start.

Download Remix OS Player

Now Window will close automatically & It takes 10-20 Minutes to Install & open Remix OS player just sit back & Relax 🙂

Now After 10-20 Minutes Remix OS will Open. Now Select Language then click on Agree.

Download Remix OS Player

Now it will ask you to Install Some Apps If you don’t want then Unmark all then click Next.

Download Remix OS Player

Done Finally you successfully Installed Remix OS Player If you have any query or any issue you can comment down Below.

How to Install Apps in Remix OS.?

Now click on Menu Icon You can Find Bottom left side Click on it here you can find your favorite store called Google Play Store. Click on it. Now it will ask you to enter Google Account Info Enter your Gmail account If you don’t have then you can create a new account.

Download Remix OS Player

After Google Account Setup now you can Install Your Favorite apps & games in PC.

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