Residential Proxy Features for Your Business

Residential Proxy Features for Your Business

The number of modern people who use proxy rises every year. Many of them do that at work or for work-related tasks. The smartest of them buy residential proxy to have an advantage on the market and attract more clients. Many proxies nowadays have extended features specifically for business owners, focusing on the B2B model. These services are usually paid, but in return, you receive all the tools for business growth.

Proxies for Business: Features You Need

There are different proxy providers with different services to offer. You have to understand which services you need for your business in particular. Read the list of most popular features:

Market research.

Before you jump into any new project, you need to do the research. It is highly important to learn your audience and their preferences and check out your possible competitors. The best way to do it is to gather the information via proxy. This way, your true identity will be hidden and you will not get banned from the portals you need. You will easily ignore any geo-restrictions.

Search for the best price. It is wiser to compare all the prices on the market for your product. If you sell online, you will need to use specific software to check the numbers. The most popular is Sells Intelligence software. You can gather the sales data of your competitors there. To stay unnoticed by spammers, use the proxy.


A proxy server allows you to stay unnoticed by spammers and ad fraudsters. They will not be able to gather data on your preferences while you search for information online. Apart from that, you can easily check whether the ads you have paid for are placed correctly and are visible. You can use a specific service called Ad Verification that reveals to you the true accommodation of your ads. If you want to use it in the most beneficial way, you have to do it via the residential IP address.


You can receive site audits, check the compliance with multiple languages, and ability to build links using a proxy. Once you decide to go deeper into search engine optimization, you will need a proxy that supports all your actions. SEO-positive proxy offers you a residential IP address that other services on the Internet acknowledge as the ordinary one, removing the blocked target portals from your way.

Better connection with social networks.

It is highly important to use social networks in modern business. You need reliable accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There are numerous tools to improve your activity and reputation there. For them, you also need a proxy. You may raise the number of accounts you have via proxy, clean your activity for social media, and stay undetected.

Choose Your Residential Proxy

You can decide which proxy you need based on the specific demands of your business. Make sure the one you choose meets all your expectations. You may need to extend your business and try new ways to gain an audience. The proxy will help you with that.

What do you expect to see in proxy? Which feature do you use the most? You can reply in the comments below.