Top 43 Robotics Companies From Around the Globe

Top 43 Robotics Companies From Around the Globe

Robotics companies produce robots to aid in production to do work more quickly and efficiently than humans can typically do. Below are the top 43 companies producing robotics from around the globe.

Top 43 Robotics Companies.

1. Deeper Insights

The robotics company, Deeper Insights, specializes in artificial intelligence, business consulting, and custom software development.

About Deeper Insights

Location: United Kingdom
Industries: Financial, Medical, Marketing, Consumer Products & Services, eCommerce, Media, Non-Profit, and Telecommunications

2. FusionHit

Founded in 2008, FusionHit offers its customers mobile apps, custom software, eCommerce, and more.

About FusionHit

Industries: eCommerce, Information Technology, Medical, Supply, and Real Estate
Location: Costa Rica

3. ThirdEye Data

Located in Santa Clara, California, this robotics company has been serving clients with cloud consulting and artificial intelligence for over a decade.

About ThirdEye Data

Location: California, United States
Industries: Advertising & Marketing, eCommerce, Energy & Natural Resources, Financial Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Telecommunications, and Utilities

4. Integra Sources

Integra Sources is a robotics and software development company that specializes in custom software development, wearable app development, and mobile app development services.

About Integra Sources

Location: Barnaul, Russia
Industries: Consumer Products & Services, Medical, Navigation, Information Technology, and Telecommunications

5. Toolbox

Founded in 2012, Tooploox provides clients with artificial intelligence, product design, mobile app development, and custom development software for businesses of all sizes.

About Tooploox

Location: Wrocław, Poland
Industries: Information Technology, Medical, Financial Services, Media, and Consumer Products & Services

6. Fayrix

Fayrix is a robotics and software development company that has over 1,500 employees with offices in Israel and Brazil.

About Fayrix

Location: Ra’anana Israel
Industries: Education, Information Technology, Consumer Products & Services, eCommerce, Energy & Natural Resources, Medical, Supply Chain & Transport, Telecommunications, and Utilities

7. Fusion Informatics

Founded in 2000, Fusion Informatics houses over 100 expert employees from around the world.

About Fusion Informatics

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Industries: Information Technology, eCommerce, Medical, Automotive, Business Services, and Retail

8. It-Jim

Specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Custom Software Development, It-Jim is a robotics company that was founded in 2015 and currently has around 10 employees.

About It-Jim

Location: Kharkiv Ukraine
Industries: Entertainment, Automotive, Medical, and Retail

9. Twisthink

Founded in 2001, Twisthink has specialized in Artificial Intelligence, IoT development, and more for over 2 decades.

About Twisthink

Location: Michigan, United States
Industries: Automotive, Consumer Products & Services, Medical, Non-Profit, Supply & Transport, and Utilities

10. Serengeti

With a team of more than 100 employees, Serengeti serves clients mainly within the finance and healthcare industries.

About Serengeti

Location: Zagreb Croatia
Industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy & Natural Resources, Information Technology, and Supply & Transport

11. Nix

Founded in 1994, their team of over 2,000 engineers offers clients mobile apps, web development, blockchain, data science, design, and more.

About Nix

Location: Florida, United States
Industries: Advertising & Marketing, Automotive, eCommerce, Education, Financial Services, GPS & Navigation, Information Technology, Medical, Supply & Transport, and Telecommunication

12. SixHands

SixHands was founded in 2014 and has a team of roughly 20 employees.

About SixHands

Location: London, United Kingdom
Industries: Business Services, Financial Services, Medical, and Retail

13. BroutonLab

Founded in 2017, BroutonLab is a software development company with around 10 employees.

About BroutonLab

Location: Rostov-on-Don Russia
Industries: Automotive, Information Technology, Consumer Products & Services, and Medical


With locations in Romania, Germany, and France, has amassed over 250 employees since its establishment in 2006.


Location: București, Romania
Industries: Automotive, Business Services, Information Technology, and Telecommunications


Established in 2013, VOLSOFT is a company with less than 50 employees specializing in web development and custom software development.


Location: Çerkezköy, Turkey
Industries: Automotive, Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications

16. Jiangsu Mingyue Software Technology Co., Ltd.

With under 1,000 employees, this robotics company has specialized in IT strategy consulting since 2016.

About Jiangsu Mingyue Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Changzhou, China
Industries: Financial Services, Government, and Supply & Transport

17. Zpoken

Zpoken is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that was founded in 2017.

About Zpoken

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Industries: Information Technology

18. Synergo Group

Synergo Group is a development agency with a team of over 40 experts around the globe.

About Synergo Group

Location: Toronto, Canada
Industries: Business Services, Medical, Dental, Education, eCommerce, Real Estate, and Non-Profit

19. Alpine Intuition

Founded in 2019, this robotics company provides AI solutions to both large and small businesses.

About Alpine Intuition

Location: Lonay Switzerland
Industries: Information Technology

20. Rocketlab

Rocketlab is a TaaS company with over 50 employees who provide cybersecurity and IT consulting services.

About Rocketlab

Location: Zug Switzerland
Industries: Financial Services, Government, Information Technology, Automotive, and eCommerce

21. 8allocate

Founded in 2015, 8allocate a company with 100 employees that specializes in AI, eCommerce, and software development.

About 8allocate

Location: Tallinn Estonia
Industries: Financial Services, Supply & Transport, Media, Information Technology, and eCommerce

22. Jiratech

Jiratech is a company with over 10 employees that was founded in 2017.

About Jiratech

Location: București, Romania
Industries: Information Technology and Telecommunications

23. Lömo

Founded in 2016, Lömo has 3 expert employees that offer mobile app development and web development.

About Lömo

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Industries: Information Technology

24. Willogy

Willogy is a robotics company that was founded in 2020 and its 10 employees specialize in custom software development, web design, and more.

About Willogy

Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Industries: Medical and eCommerce

25. DeepCraft

DeepCraft is an AI and web development company that was founded in 2017.

About DeepCraft

Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Industries: Gaming, Medical, Information Technology, Government, and Telecommunication

26. Vareger Group

Founded in 2010, Vareger Group is a company that specializes in IT staff augmentation, development, and consulting.

About Vareger Group

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Industries: Government, Medical, Real Estate

27. Digital Curve Consulting

Digital Curve Consulting is a company founded in 2020 that provides IT consulting, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud consulting.

About Digital Curve Consulting

Location: Sheffield, England
Industries: Information Technology, Financial Services, and Manufacturing

28. Botodata

Founded in 2019, Botodata is a company that specializes in AI and IoT development.

About Botodata

Location: Vinnytysa, Ukraine
Industries: Media, Medical, Financial Services, and Advertising & Marketing

29. HiveTech

With under 50 specialized employees, HiveTech offers custom web, software, and mobile app developments.

About HiveTech

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Industries: Automotive, Business Services, Financial Services, and Information Technology

30. Saelum

Saelum is a company founded in 2018 that provides AI solutions and data consulting for clients of all sizes.

About Saelum

Location: Minsk Belarus
Industries: Financial Services, Business Services, and Manufacturing

31. 20 Thousand Leagues

Founded in 2018, 20 Thousand Leagues is a company whose team of 10+ offers SEO, AI, and software development to clients.

About 20 Thousand Leagues

Location: København Denmark
Industries: Gaming, Gambling, Information Technology, and Business Services

32. Yaskawa Electric

Yaskawa Electric is a robotics company that is one of the largest makers of industrial robots.

About Yaskawa Electric

Location: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
Industries: Automotive

33. KION Group

Founded in 2006, KION Group has become one of the global leaders that provide automotive solutions.

About KION Group

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Industries: Automotive

34. ABB

ABB is a company that has been around since 1988 that specializes in robotics and machine automation solutions.

About ABB

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Industries: Pharmaceuticals and Oil

35. Midea Group

Midea Group is an innovative robotics company that produces robotics for manufacturing industries.

About Midea Group

Location: Foshan, China
Industries: Manufacturing

36. Softomotive

Founded in 2005, Softomotive provides automation tools to thousands of companies across the globe.

About Softomotive

Location: United Kingdom
Industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Medical, Finance, and Telecommunications

37. Magazino

Magazino has been producing automated robots since it was founded in 2014.

About Magazino

Location: Munich, Germany
Industries: Manufacturing

38. Aldebaran Robotics

Aldebaran Robotics specializes in creating programmable, humanoid robots including their most well-known robot, Pepper.

About Aldebaran Robotics

Location: France
Industries: Media

39. Flyability

Founded in 2014, this robotics startup manufactures drone Elios, designed to explore spaces inaccessible for other drones.

About Flyability

Location: Switzerland
Industries: Energy, Utilities, and Public Safety

40. Robart

Founded in 2009, Robart is a robotics company startup that develops AI robots to make homes smarter.

About Robart

Location: Austria
Industries: Retail

41. Emotech

Founded in 2014, this robotics startup developed a robot named “Olly” that is said to be the only robot with a personality.

About Emotech

Location: United Kingdom
Industries: Artificial Intelligence

42. Future Mechanics

Future Mechanics, a robotics company founded in 2016 that researches and develops mechanical and electronic devices.

About Future Mechanics

Location: Kyiv Ukraine
Industries: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

43. DevServers

DevServers specializes in building custom software in a variety of fields.

About DevServers

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Industries: Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate

Key Takeaways

As technology continues to progress, robotics will gradually play a larger role in our everyday lives. The best robotics companies can be found all around the world and are innovators in various industries, including engineering, A.I., business, healthcare, and more.