How to set default browser in Windows

The browser is the first basic software that you can find on every computer. Many windows user uses multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera & other Browsers. whenever we select a link in emails, or click on a shortcut URL or perform any other task that causes a browser to launch Windows automatically launch its the default browser. If you never Modified or change browser settings then your default browser must be Internet Explorer. every browser has its pros and cons, that’s why sometimes we want to open links in our favorite Browser but due to Windows default setting Internet Explorer opens. But don’t worry now you can set your default browser easily and open the link in your favorite Browser. After Microsoft edge, Browser Internet Explorer is not useful for many windows user you can uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows and set your default browser

If you are using Windows 10 then you can set the default Browser by accessing Settings, But If you are using windows 8,7, or any older Windows version then you need to set the default Browser by accessing Browser settings. After the windows 10 Anniversary update Microsoft added many awesome options that help us in managing many settings. Set Default Browser is one of those settings that Microsoft added after the anniversary update. But If you are using windows 8,7, XP, Vista then don’t worry still you can set your default Browser.

How to Set Default Browser in Windows 10

First Open the Settings App in Windows 10, you can Option Settings App by using many ways.

Click on Start Menu then click on the settings icon.



Now Click on the System tab. You can find it in the above-left corner.

click on system to access set default browser settings

Now on the left sidebar, you can find the Default Apps Option. Simply click on it.


default apps

Now here you can find many settings you can set default Music Player,  Default photo viewer, Default Video Player, Still, we want to set Default web Browser.

set default browser chrome

move to the last option of default apps, you can find a web browser option. Now you can see what is your current default Browser. In the above screenshot, you can see Chrome is my Default Web Browser.

You can change the default Browser by clicking on the web Browser. After clicking on the current Web Browser Now you can see all Browser that Installed on your Computer.

 change default browser

You can set or change your Favorite Browser by clicking on that Browser.

Now If you are not using windows 10 then you can’t set Default web Browser by going into settings you need to access Browser Settings to make that Browser Default Browser, for Example, If you want to set Chrome as your default web Browser then access Chrome Settings.

How to set chrome as the default browser.

To set Google Chrome Default web Browser to take the following steps: Open Google Chrome Web Browser.

Now on Address Bar type chrome://settings/ or you can access settings by clicking on three dots that you can see right side of the Browser.

chrome settings

Now Scroll down a little bit and you can find the set Chrome Default web Browser Option, Just Click on it.


Done Now Chrome is your default Web Browser.

How to set Mozilla Firefox as a default browser.

To set Mozilla Firefox Default web Browser to take the following steps: Open Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

Now on the right side upper right corner click on three Lines then select Option.

firefox option

Now you can see in the General tab there is a make default Option. Just click on it.

make default browser

Done now Mozilla Firefox is your Default Browser.

If you want to set any other web Browser to your default web browser then also you can set by access settings. If still, you are facing any issue in setting up any browser as the default Browser then you can comment.