How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10


Windows 10 is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was official to its consumer release on July 29, 2015. A New Operating System comes with New Updates. Some of Security Updates & Some of the Driver Updates. But Sometimes we don’t want to Install Updates Because of Our limited Internet Connection. In Windows 7/8 If we don’t want then we can turn off Auto Updates But In Windows 10 Microsoft Disable this Option But Still there are few tricks or we can say hidden features available to stop auto updates in Windows 10.

What is an update?

An update is a software file that contains fixes for problems found by other users or the software developer. Installing an update fixes the code and prevents the problems from happening on your computer. If we talk about driver updates, then driver updates fix driver relates issues & errors. Security Updates Fix Security related issue & help us in preventing unauthorized access.

But Sometimes we want to Install updates According to our Suitable Time, & According to Our Internet Connection. Assume you are Using Mobile Data as a Hotspot & you have 1Gb Internet & you have lots of work to do with that 1Gb Internet. In this case, you need a solution “Stop Auto Updates.” If you are using Windows 7/8, then you can Easily turn off auto updates by going Control Panel. But If you are using Windows 10 PC then there is not any easiest option to stop Auto Updates. In Windows 10 Auto Updates always feature on It will install all updates automatically without your Permission. But Don’t worry you can still stop auto updates in Windows 10.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10 

There are Many Ways to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10 But Today am going to telling you easiest & 100℅ working way to stop auto updates in Windows 10.

Click on Wifi Icon in Windows 10.

Now Click on Wifi Network that currently, you are using.

wifi properties windows 10 BounceGeek

Now you can see properties Option just Click on it.

Now You can see metered Option. Enable Metered Option

Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10

Now Windows 10 will never install updates with that wifi or any wifi connection.


What is a Metered Connection?

If you have a limited data plan and want more control over data usage. By using Metered connection, any updates will never start automatically.

But If you are using Ethernet cable or any Broadband connection then maybe this thing might not work for you. In this Case here is a Solution You can forcefully close Auto updates.

How to Force Stop auto updates in Windows 10

Open Control Panel in Windows 10 Now Click on System and Security.
Now you can Find Administrative Tools Option-Click on it.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10

Now find & Open Services.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10


Here you can Find all Services that are currently running By Windows. Don’t cancel any service without knowing about them.
Now you can find “Windows Update.” Right click on it & click on Stop.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10

Done Now Update will Close Automatically. But If you restart your PC It will again start running. But Still a Solution Now again right click on Windows Update click on properties.

Now on Startup Type Select Disable then click on Ok.

Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10

Done now No Need to do anything auto-update feature is turned off for forever. You can Enable it By selecting Manual.

How to stop auto restart in  Windows 10.

Sometimes windows need to restart while installing Updates But You don’t want to restart in the middle of work. In this Case on Windows 10, there is an option that helps you in stopping auto restart.

Click on Start Menu then click on Settings Icon. Now you can see Updates & Security Option-Click on it.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Windows 10

Now click on Change Active Hours.

Now set any 12 hours time when you work & you don’t want auto-restart your PC.

Active Hours in windows 10 Bouncegeek

After Setting work time I mean Active hours you PC will never Auto-Start without your Permission.

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