The Importance of Software Supply Chain Security For CI/CD Pipeline

The Importance of Software Supply Chain Security

The CI/CD Pipeline is an essential part of the software supply chain. And, making it critical for better software supply chain security to be in place for its protection.

When a software supply chain’s CI/CD Pipeline is corrupted or run down by cybercriminals. Then, it leads to a major breach. To avoid this, an organization using software in their product must provide the best software supply chain security practices.

In this article, you will learn the meaning of software supply chain security. Moreover, the best security practices, CI/CD Pipeline weaknesses, and why CI/CD Pipeline security is important.

What is Software Supply Chain Security?

If you are seeking answers to “what is software supply chain security“. The answer might be easier with a better explanation.

Software supply chain security protects all the components. That make up a software supply chain from all cyber threats or potential attacks from cybercriminals.

For this software supply chain protection to be possible, an organization’s security team combines the best cyber security and risk optimization strategies.

Software Supply Chain Best Practices

Use Tools From Credible Companies

One of the biggest mistakes one can make while using a part of the software is using any tool. Or, third-party software provided by unreliable organizations. Before using any third-party software components or tools. It is critical to run a background check on the software service company.

For a background check, customer reviews, past projects, and market history might help determine if such a company is credible. Companies such as Scribe Security have great customer reviews and market reputations. This makes them a great software solution provider.

Monitor Privileged Accounts

The most common trend for hackers to gain access to a software or system. To look for privileged accounts within its components and then use them to gain access to further secret data.

So an essential step that an organization’s security team should take is to closely. And, should check privileged accounts from time to time for unusual activity. For instance, when there are many attempted logins or unusual password changes in a privileged account. It might be a sign that someone is trying to gain access to it illegally.

When such unusual activity occurs, the special privileges attached to the account should be removed immediately until it is secured.

Continuously Review Third-party Software Components

Many things do make up a software supply chain. And, most of them might not be made by the organization using it; they are called third-party components.

So it is important that the organization’s security team closely monitor these third-party software components. Just to avoid cyber criminals getting through a software supply chain. Any organization not doing this risks its software supply chain security being jeopardized, due to a third-party software component.

Audit Software Supply Chain

One common thing among organizations with lackluster software supply chain security is not auditing their supply chain. Auditing all the components in a software supply chain, gives an organization clarity. On what to look out for whenever they experience a breach in their supply chain.

Auditing applies to third-party software components. And, internal and external software components should also be audited.

Fix Unpatched Software

One of the things that cybercriminals are looking out for is unpatched systems. Or software components from which they can get access to a software supply chain.

An organization’s security team should regularly run security checks on the systems. And find and fix all the vulnerabilities they can find in the software supply chain. Using reliable software solutions like Scribe Security might be important for searching for and fixing vulnerabilities.

CI/CD Pipeline Weaknesses

CI/CD Pipeline in an organization’s software supply chain.  That allows them to do the best security practices before deploying a code on a software supply chain. CI/CD Pipelines also ensure that a new code in a software supply chain does not break. Its features or compromise its security.

Although CI/CD Pipeline is very vital to the security of a software supply chain. A lack of evaluation can allow cybercriminals to get access to a software supply chain through it. Below are some weaknesses an organization might experience with a CI/CD Pipeline, in the software supply chain.

  • A privileged account used to run tests in the software supply chain. Which is not adequately protected, can provide a weak link for cybercriminals.
  • Using beta features or broken commands on a CI/CD Pipeline.
  • An organization using a vulnerable image during the building, and testing process in a CI/CD Pipeline.
  • An organization using unprotected command executions in a CI/CD Pipeline.

Importance of Software Supply Chain Security For CI/CD Pipeline

Below is the importance of software supply chain security for the CI/CD Pipeline.

Avoid Misconfiguration of CI/CD Pipeline

The major highlight in the discussion of software supply chain security is the protection. From all software elements from being overrun by cyber criminals. CI/CD Pipeline is part of the software supply chain.

In executing software supply chain security, all the components that make up the software supply chain are audited. In other words, they are made visible so that one can easily trace the cause of a problem whenever there’s an attack.

So with the visibility thrown on software supply chain elements. It helps to avoid any form of misconfiguration of CI/CD Pipelines. Although CI/CD Pipeline is a very powerful part of the software supply chain. And, misconfiguration can lead to easy data breaches by cybercriminals.

Also, the major consequence of a misconfigured CI/CD Pipeline is that it provides a loophole for cybercriminals. To inject malicious code into the software supply chain. When such malicious code is injected. The CI/CD Pipeline and the entire software supply chain are corrupted.

Better Security

When a better software supply chain security practice is in place. There’s a secured CI/CD Pipeline, which leads to a tight supply chain.

So providing better software supply chain security for the CI/CD Pipeline makes the whole supply chain secure. This is because the CI/CD Pipeline is the major component. That allows an organization’s security team to enforce the best security practices.


For any organization using software in their product, securing their software supply chain should be a priority. Especially for the sake of the CI/CD Pipeline.

If the CI/CD Pipeline of software is not secured. It can be misconfigured and corrupted, leading to a breakdown in the software supply chain. Companies looking to secure their software supply chain can employ the services of reliable software service providers, such as Scribe Security.