Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With the Cloud

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With the Cloud

The cloud is a place to store files. It’s also a place where companies backup files. It keeps files safer, especially if you choose a reputable cloud company that takes cybersecurity seriously, and it can help you recover faster if you do happen to become the victim of an attack. The cloud is convenient for personal use too, because there’s no need to save things on your computer or to an external hard drive.

There is no denying that the cloud is invaluable for these reasons, but if that’s all you’re using the cloud for, you’ve got a lot to learn! There are many others things you can do with the cloud that you may not know.

Things You Can Do With the Cloud

Manage Devices

Device management is a huge undertaking. It’s important to train users and provide them with devices that enable them to get the job done, but making sure those devices are safe and secure from cyberattacks is a huge undertaking as well.

Managing devices is something you can do with the cloud a little more easily. Using cross-platform device management, you can securely connect users to IT resources. If you’re using G Suite, it’s even easier because many of the programs exist within a digital cloud atmosphere. Identities, devices, and the network can all be secured and managed through policies, MDM controls, and ad hoc commands to ensure data stays safe and secure.

Share Books and Professional Articles

There are a lot of great resources out there when it comes to learning more about specific industries or being the best version of yourself that you can be. Whether you have read a great book or you have come across a professional article, you may want to share it with a coworker, friend, or a team. The cloud enables you to do that easily!

Shared Kindle books automatically appear in the cloud, which means anyone with access can download the book. Simply notify your coworkers and teammates that you think they should check it out and they can download the book in an instant. If you have a small team, you can even create an Amazon Household to share paid books.

Other books and articles can be uploaded to shared clouds too so coworkers and friends can learn about team building, read a great biography, and more.

Store More

Storing data and files is what the cloud is all about, but there are so many other things you can store in the cloud! Just a few other things you can store include:

  1. Pictures
  2. Books
  3. Articles
  4. Recipes
  5. Music

Essentially, anything you can store on a computer or an external hard drive you can store in the cloud. That includes complete operating systems. That way, if your computer crashes, you can recover the system exactly how it was before the crash without losing any important information.

Send, Store, and Receive Confidential Files

The cloud is an extremely secure way to store and share files, but some files require a bit more security. If you have files that only certain employees should be allowed to see, you can encrypt individual documents and require passwords in order to access certain clouds, folders, and files.

You can make files even more confidential by using an electronic signature app. From business agreements to mortgage documents, legal paperwork, and more, you can send and receive documents that need to be signed without having to meet in person. When stored in the cloud, those documents are just as safe, if not safer, than storing them in a locked drawer in your office.

Create Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls can provide you with a lot of great information. You can learn more about employee satisfaction so you can take steps to reduce employee turnover, and you can learn more about what your customers want from your brand. Creating and managing polls and services can be a nightmare unless you use the cloud!

You can edit and create documents that sync to a spreadsheet, enabling you to collect data from respondents anywhere in the world. Data is kept safely in one place, all without the need to transfer data back and forth between spreadsheets and documents.

Almost everyone knows about the cloud, but that doesn’t mean you know everything it can do. Whether you’re running a business or you’re looking for a way to keep personal information more secure. Or, whether you are looking for ways to safely manage multiple devices. Or, you simply want to share an interesting book with a friend, the cloud has you covered.