5 Tips For The Tech Savvy On Instagram

5 Tips For The Tech Savvy On Instagram

Over the past few decades, technology has been ever-changing and constantly evolving. We have gone from having no internet in the 1980s to now having social media in our pockets. And, practically doing everything on the internet. Social media is a means of entertainment for people all over the world, but now it is so much more than that.

Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms around with an incredibly large audience. There are even people who make money off of the platform now. Are you tired of having no one to share your Instagram posts with? Do you want to know what you can do to grow your following and account on Instagram in a short amount of time? In the past, it was hard to grow your Instagram account. You would have to post consistently and hope people followed you back.

Nowadays, there are so many tools available that can help you increase your followers. One proven method is the use of an Instagram growth service, such as Growthsilo. The best thing about these growth tools is they require minimal effort on your part while still being effective in growing your account. If you want to grow your Instagram profile, here are a few more rules you need to follow.

Schedule your posts

When you are trying to grow your Instagram account, whether you are a business, or an individual, posting consistently and as often as possible is something that you really need to consider. This is one of the best ways to get the attention of your target audience, especially if you are posting at a time when you know they are most active on the platform.

Keeping track of all of this posting can get confusing. It is easy to forget to post one day or to forget what you have already posted or are even wanting to post still. By planning ahead, you can keep track of everything from knowing what times you want to post on specific days, all the way to the different posts you are going to post on the various features. Making use of a content calendar is something that every professional should look into to make their social media marketing life that much easier.

Create your own hashtags

Next up we have hashtags. Anyone and everyone who has ever used social media should know about hashtags by now, however, not everyone knows how to use them in an effective and efficient way to reach their niche and target audience quickly and simply.

The idea behind hashtags is simple; by using keywords relating to your content, you can easily share your content with others who might be interested in the same thing. This means that you always need to keep your hashtags relative to your content otherwise you will never be able to reach the right people, and therefore never be able to grow your account.

Interact, socialize, engage

When people think about success on Instagram, people think about celebrities and influencers who ignore their inboxes and don’t pay much attention to their fans. If you are a business, or even an individual, actively trying to grow your account, this is definitely not the way to go.

Engagement is one of the most important elements of social media growth, and if you are not receiving a lot of it or even enough of it, it probably means that you need to be engaging with your followers and other users too. This can be done in so many different ways and is also a great way to get people to notice you and even encourage engagement.


People love seeing what other people get up to in their lives, and where they are. Instagram now offers users the ability to geotag their post in the location where it was taken. This is great for multiple reasons. The first being that you can pique the interest of your users and others by showing a place you were in.
The second, and most important, is that geotagging your posts connects you to users that are close to you and close to the area which is tagged. This is a great way to extend your reach and reach new people in a new area.

Use all the features

Something that should go without saying, is that when you are trying to grow your account and gain more followers, you need to be making use of all of the features that Instagram has available to you. These days there are so many different features from Reels, Stories, IGTV, Instagram live, and more. By making use of all of the features, you share your content with different demographics and audiences, and this is the best way to grow your account.