Do you ever hear anyone say that ranking on Google is hard work — and there aren’t any SEO secrets that can help you boost your ranking? Fine, that’s not true.  And here are some search engine optimization secrets for you.

The term Search engine optimization (SEO) is about delivering relevant search results to users based on their online searches. Most relevant pages related to that search query will rank higher on the search engine results page. Professionals of digital marketing do understand the importance of SEO and the need to implement a proper strategy. But are you aware that defining what those keywords are isn’t enough to improve your website’s search engine ranking?

If you are interested in increasing your website’s visibility across search engines, it’s essential to follow these fundamental SEO secrets.

Top 4 Secrets about SEO.

1) Ranking algorithm

Everything is changing, and no secret that Google is continually improving its algorithm. It’s not always announced when a change is made; therefore, it remains a bit of a mystery. The biggest obstacle to SEO success is this. SEO specialist based in Melbourne has a Google Algorithm Change History that will help you research the changes. The Google Webmaster Central tool is also a useful reference.

2) Over-optimization

One of the proofs that there can sometimes be too much of a good thing is over-optimization. A requirement to improve your ranking for specific online keywords is ideal, but mutilating your content by stuffing keywords into everything you write, or look unnatural but also hurt your SEO strategy if you build too many links with the same anchor text.

3) Build relationships, not links

The term that SEO practitioners use to describe the process of building credibility is link building. This knowledge looks simple: Folks do link to your website when they perceive your brand as a source of authority. Frequently, though, SEO specialists take the expression ‘link building’ too literally. And asking for links, they end up with the extreme opposite—absolutely nothing.

The key to ranking well in Google is links, but what marketers often forget is that links are built upon relationships with people. An excellent way to ‘build links’ is to forge connections and offer value to bloggers and other influencers.

4) SSL Encryption

This type of encryption is a small but mighty SEO secrets tool to consider. Google introduced it in 2014, and it has grown in popularity ever since. The SSL encryption — or “HTTPS” — boosts the security of your website. It’s great for SEO and will keep your visitors’ data safe when they land on your website.

Consider activating an SSL encryption if you have an eCommerce website that requires users to enter a username, a password, and credit card information to complete a transaction. Your website visitors might not know your site is encrypted with SSL, but you and the search engines crawling your website will. It doesn’t take long to implement, either. All you have to do is call your hosting provider.


Although the strategies mentioned above may not be “secrets” to everyone, they’re strategies many website owners aren’t utilizing. SEO specialist based in Melbourne is implementing them. Maybe this is just what you need to leapfrog your competitors in the search engine results.

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