5 Ways to Track an iPhone by Phone Number Without Them Knowing.

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It is always embarrassing to call back someone to ask who he or she is. Because many people may not have the courage to ask this, you may have to resort to other methods of identifying them. Thus, a discrete approach could be the best option for you.

Besides that, imagine a situation where you misplaced your iPhone. You may lose hope of finding it, but it should not be impossible. The good thing about Apple devices is that they have reliable security options that could stop a thief in their tracks. That is why finding the phone should not be difficult.

If you want to know how you can track iPhone location by phone number using Cocospy spy app, then here is an article that helps you with that. We will give you five methods you can use to get that phone back.

Track an iPhone by Phone Number.

1. Using a reliable spy apps

The reason we use the word “reliable” is to restrict you from using insecure apps. For you to use this app to track the lost phone, you may have to download it before you misplaced it.

Spy apps come with a variety of features. Among some of the elements is Geofencing. It allows you to track the phone’s movement even when it is not in your hands. You will access the control panel through a remote control panel, which you can access from another device.

When selecting the right spy apps for your needs, you should ensure that it does not lead you to jailbreak. Jailbreaking is dangerous for your iPhone. Even if it is reversible, it could destroy your phone’s complete functionality.

How do you track the iPhone?

You have to log into the spy app’s control panel. Use the Apple ID of the iPhone to enable you to do that. When you click on the dashboard, go to the option of cell phone tracking. From there, you can access the phone’s real-time location.

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2. Phone lookup services

If you want to search for a cell phone number, the easiest method is to use a phone lookup service. These are websites with thousands of mobile numbers on its database. When you search for the phone number, you get results showing the current owner of the contact that you are seeking.

These lookup services also provide vital information about the individual. For instance, you get reports on their current location, and other details you may need to know.

If you cannot find any reliable lookup services, you can look for people search services. Sometimes, these online directories offer phone lookup services, including reverse phone lookups.

3. Social media

Almost everyone is using social media sites nowadays. One benefit that everyone gets from these sites is that they are free. Additionally, since registration may require that you enter your phone details, it makes it easy for one to locate you.

For instance, you could use Facebook to locate the phone number. Type the number on the search box. Results would display the possible owners if they used their contacts in their profiles. From there, you can stalk them without their knowledge.

4. You can Google them

Search engines are the answer to businesses today. However, it bears the term “search.” Meaning, you can get any details you want from it, which means you can use to identify a caller as well.

By typing the number into the search box, the results will display the name, and if possible, the address of the owner.

5. Third-party appsCocospy 3

Other than spy apps, you can rely on other installed apps. You should download these apps from the Apple store. Any app that is not available from the store is not compatible with iOS. Therefore, you should not risk downloading it.

An app such as Find My Friends can solve this problem. The app is only compatible with iPhones only. You could ask one of your friends to track your phone’s location using their phone. If your “share your location” option was on, then it will not take long before they find it.

Final remarks

All the methods mentioned above require an internet connection. You can also contact a customer care representative to locate an anonymous phone number. Nonetheless, most of these employees operate under strict company guidelines. For that reason, most of them may not agree to your requests unless you have a warrant.