8 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers

Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers

Everyone at least once met a tempting offer to acquire followers at a fairly affordable price on the Internet. Moreover, such advertising attracts users, by all means, promising them unprecedented success as quickly as possible. Of course, if this topic is very close to you, and you have been trying to gain the attention of a large audience and get the desired popularity for a long time, then such proposals may attract you. Nevertheless, try to switch on your brains and analyze the situation from the outside, because not everything is as simple as trying to be provided.

Paid services are really very tempting, but you need to understand that the effect of them does not have a long-term perspective. Also, note that this type of activity may discredit your business partially or completely. Therefore, think carefully what is more important to you – the bubble of popularity or the unshakable credibility of your account.

Most often, people start an Instagram account in order to:

  • Communicate with your friends and family, sharing your achievements with them, and demonstrating what you do in life. This kind of social component helps people keep in touch with each other. In this situation, buying followers is a waste of money because why should you show your life to strangers who are unlikely to be genuinely interested in your publications.
  • Promote your brand or business that brings you income. Most likely, purchased followers will not become your customers since they come to your account randomly and in most cases, they are empty or fake pages that, in principle, cannot order anything.
  • Get even more influence. This is true for those who want to become a popular blogger and get the appreciation of a large audience. In any case, fake followers will not do you any good since you cannot interact with them, because how can you influence unreal followers? Such “relationships” will only negatively affect your credibility, and you may look fake as well.

Thus, there are actually no logical prerequisites for buying paid followers. This practice is not only useless but also even dangerous. Therefore, below we give some reasonable reasons why you should avoid buying Instagram followers.

Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers.

1. Fake followers do not take part in the life of your account

Most often, purchased followers are bot accounts or empty profiles that do not even have a profile photo. Most likely such pages are fake and do not bear any benefit to those they are subscribed to. Therefore, it is very silly to expect such accounts to interact with your profile somehow. The only thing you get is automatic advertising comments that may be at least irrelevant under your publications and as harmful as possible since they will distribute prohibited content. This is a dubious perspective, isn’t it?

Fake Followers

If you plan to make money with your Instagram account and become an influential person, then you should understand that the followers you have bought would not do you any good, as they only create the visual effect of popularity. All brands that offer cooperation, pre-check their potential partners, and can easily calculate those who are trying to cheat, buying followers. The main indicator is the level of interaction. A large number of followers provides for high user activity and interest. If it does not work, then what kind of influence can we talk about? Whom will you influence on empty accounts?

The same goes for when you try to push your brand. In this case, buying followers, this is the last thing you should do. Just think, what is the use of thousands of fake followers? They will not make orders, they will not be interested in your business, and they will not recommend you to their friends. They are useless and just hang for quantity. If you are satisfied with this situation, then you can safely order a package of paid followers and be content with your visual influence.

2. Engagement of your account is an imbalance

Accounts with a low level of engagement and a large number of followers are very striking, even to the average user, as they look rather strange and suspicious. Moreover, genuine Instagram pages demonstrate a certain interaction pattern, which has the following approximate relationships:

  • < 1K followers – about 8% engagement,
  • 1 – 10К followers – about 4% engagement,
  • 10 – 100К followers – about 2.4% engagement,
  • 100К – 1 million followers – about 1.8% engagement,
  • > 1 million followers – about 1.7% engagement.

Of course, this is only an approximate scheme; nevertheless, if you notice strong deviations from this scheme, both upwards and downwards, then you should think about the integrity of such an account.

All indicators, which include the number of likes, comments, and followers, should be in balance and create a healthy involvement. Then you can get the desired result since your efforts will be appreciated and work to strengthen your credibility.

3. You may encounter incorrect and inappropriate comments from bot accounts

Buying followers, your account may suffer from advertising comments from fake pages, which will leave them automatically, regardless of the content of your publication. Moreover, some pages can leave comments in another language, and in order to understand what is being said, you will need to take the help of a translator. If you think that this is only a minor side effect, and it is easy to translate and delete a couple of messages, then you are deeply mistaken. Now imagine if there are several dozens of such messages or that they are written when you physically cannot respond to them (you are asleep or actively working), how do you feel about this?

Even if it does not really bother you, then think about your real followers, how they will react to inappropriate comments, will they want to continue using your brand?

4. Purchased followers can be a catalyst for spam on your profile

Empty followers’ accounts are not as harmful as spamming followers that can get into your account when you order paid followers. After all, no one is responsible for the quality of such a service, especially if it costs a couple of dollars. Therefore, do not be surprised if, once you wake up, you will see many spam messages and spam comments under your publications. Moreover, the main purpose of such low-grade accounts is to attract attention and expand the reach of the audience. This means that all your followers, including real and active, are under their scope, and in addition to spamming your account, they will spam your potential customers, thereby repelling them from your brand.

You do not want your business to be associated with annoying bot accounts, which are constantly throwing all irrelevant advertising. Therefore, think carefully whether you are ready to pay such a price.

5. Instagram periodically purges, removing fake followers

Instagram is careful to ensure that all users adhere to the rules and have equal chances to win the attention of the audience. Therefore, Instagram systematically purges, looking for and removing fake accounts. The long-term experience of the system has brought this process to perfection, using certain high-performance algorithms to help calculate fake followers.

Just imagine that you recently bought several thousand followers, and did not even have time to enjoy their attractive amount in your profile, as the system did the purge and you were left with nothing again. It turns out that you have spent your money for nothing, instead of earning it.

6. Buying followers is a violation of Instagram rules

Instagram has a number of rules that prohibit the purchase of followers. Thus, you should remember that you are at great risk, because in addition to the global purge, your account itself may suffer. The system warns about punishment for all users seen in the followers, and if you do not listen to this advice, the second time the account will be deleted without warning.

Such consequences can not only alert your real followers but also alienate potential and active clients who do not want to cooperate further with the deceiver. Moreover, you will lose both clients and their trust, as well as valuable content that you have published on the page for a long time.

7. Fake followers lower your influence and reputation

When a user resorts to buying followers, this may be the first sign that the influence of the account is small. This is how the situation may look like for most brands, which want to find a partner or offer cooperation. The real authorities will not use paid services because they create their audiences in an organic way that requires a lot of time and effort. Often this is done in order to protect your account from potential problems, in the form of loss of user confidence and loss of its authoritative position.

Profiles that are followed by real accounts demonstrate a certain user engagement, which has the above-mentioned indicators. Therefore, anything that exceeds or undertakes the upper and lower limits will be in doubt, thereby reducing your value and influence. Moreover, even brands run the risk of losing not only the credibility of a particular account but also the brand and related projects. Thus, a business with fake followers does not have much chance of success.

In order to create a strong authority, you need to focus on attracting real followers. In order to simplify the task, you can use the following helper methods:

  • to develop a detailed strategy,
  • to create high-quality publications,
  • to use relevant and useful materials for content,
  • to motivate users to be active in the form of comments,
  • to show high demand.

Also, you should think about buying advertising on Instagram. With its help, you will be able to expand the reach of the audience and get the attention of real users. Moreover, if your budget allows you to purchase paid followers, it is better to spend this money wisely and order an advertisement that will help attract users who have a direct interest in your activity.

8. Fake users will impede active earnings

When you come to the question of increasing subscribers to your account, you should first ask yourself what you want to achieve with this kind of purchase. If it is just a matter of wanting to get a suggestive figure under the account, then you have chosen the wrong path because such accounts (fakes or bots) will in no way bring profit to the business. On the contrary, their goal is to earn money, not to spend it. In the bottom line, the maximum that happens is just an attractive number of subscribers with a few zeros at the end.Instagram User

Possession of only one astonishing number of subscribers does not make your account “live”. It is easy to calculate accounts with fake subscribers. Even if you do not bang into the details, you need to cover several channels at once: comments, likes, followers, and reposts. And if you will transform all this into money – it will be a very expensive pleasure. Moreover, reputable investors and brands will never want to work with impostors. Cooperating with the latter, they put their reputation (and their profit as well) at great risk. If you are the owner of a business, then keep in mind that paid followers do not buy your products, do not tell your friends about how useful your proposals are, and do not bring their relatives to you for shopping.

By the way, did you know that Instagram itself is leading an active war with fake accounts, deleting several hundred thousand every day? You are genuinely surprised when you find that money spent on thousands of subscribers will turn into dust the next morning.

Marketing researchers from InstaGrowing conducted a very interesting experiment. The essence of it was to create an account with many bought subscribers in order to subsequent measurement of the dynamics of return on investment. It is quite interesting to know how the researchers responded to this: “Even a few months later, not a single subscriber gave us a double tap”. This is not surprising, because according to the results of the experiment almost all followers could be divided into several categories: teenagers with bare torsos, accounts without posts, or just bots.

So… always keep in mind that fakes never make money to the business.