Fix the Windows 11 Black Screen Error & Recover Data

Windows 11 Black Screen Error & Recover Data

Fall is the best time for updates. And it’s a good idea to start from your operating system. Recently, Microsoft released Windows 11. It differs significantly from its predecessors. A new version has a unique design and so desirable translucent windows. Moreover, Windows 11 possesses an integrated store for Android apps.

Yet, not all the changes are so inspiring. Many users have already faced the problem of the black screen (yes, you’ve read correctly – the black screen error, not the blue screen one). The blanket screen is one of the most common problems you deal with when working with Windows 11.

Windows 11 Black Screen Error & Recover Data

The black screen error on Windows 11 is not a pleasant experience. To fix it, you have to figure out the reason for it. First of all, it’s a good idea to check the connections and monitor. Maybe, a cable is damaged. Then, everything you have to do is to change the cable or lose connections.

The next trick you may explore is restarting the graphic driver of your device. You can do this with the help of keyboard shortcut Windows + CTRL + SHIFT + B. If it doesn’t help, it’s time to panic. Of course, it’s a joke. It means that it’s necessary to update your Windows 11. Users do not like this step because it often leads to data loss.

If this trouble is familiar to you and you’ve lost some vital information on your computer or laptop, do not be hasty and explore all ways to recover deleted files on Windows 11 before you give up.

You may be surprised to get to know that it is not obligatory to hire a specialist to recover your data. This solution is only for the most complicated cases.

Valuable Tips on How to Use Data Recovery Tools

Although it’s not difficult to recover deleted files on Windows 11 with the help of special tools, some users may face various difficulties, especially if they do it for the first time.

First of all, it’s necessary to download and install a data recovery tool on your computer. The greater part of available variations has a free trial period. At the same time, it should be highlighted that paid versions possess more extensive functionality. Then, after the program is launched, you have to define settings for data recovery. When it comes to fixing Windows 11 after updates, it’s a good idea to scan the local disk C. Yet, the tools may also be used if you delete some files accidentally or if your device was corrupted. Then, you are to define a specific type of file.

The next step is to launch scanning. Its quality and speed vary from application to application. Moreover, the tools have to deal with lots of information when it comes to restoring data after Windows 11 updates. Sometimes the process may take several hours. After software finds the needed files, you have to define where they are to be stored.

By the way, if you do not know what app to choose to recover files after upgrading to Windows 11, you may try the following variants:

Windows File Recovery Tool.

If you do not need to use external software, this variant is a perfect solution for you. However, it is not preinstalled. The program has two modes – regular and extensive. The last one is preferable.

Disk Drill Data Recovery.

It’s one of the most popular and convenient applications. The application is regularly updated. Thus, it’s compatible with Windows 11. It deals with versatile types of data and features a fast speed of work. Moreover, you can’t but appreciate the utmost accuracy of the program. Yet, you have to consider that it’s possible to restore only up to 500 MB of information for free.


It’s very popular among users. The tool has a simple interface and an excellent rating. Unfortunately, it cannot provide astonishing scanning results as it was updated for the last time several years ago.

So, Windows 11 is to broaden horizons, and it does it. To make the use of a new operating system as convenient and trouble-free as possible, it’s a good idea to install a reliable data recovery tool. Luckily, the assortment of feasible options can meet the needs and expectations even of the most demanding clients.