Windows is an operating system in your computer which was created by Microsoft. Since it’s the introduction in the market, it has created and released numerous and different versions. On August 27, 2013, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, an updated version of Windows 8. It was released a year after Windows had been out in the market in October 2012.

Windows 8.1: Product Keys and their Importance

Its purpose was to answer the complaints and grievances made by the users of Windows 8. Based on the reviews, Microsoft made several improvements. They are as follows:

  1. User interface and desktop were enhanced with “Start Screen” for Windows 8.1 version where the program tiles can be immediately viewed, known as the “live tile”, which is similar to a widget found on tablets.
  2. Integration of OneDrive and Skydrive, an internet hosting service designed to host internet service and syncing service ran by Microsoft for its Microsoft office online services.
  3. The internet search engine Internet Explorer 11 added a Bing-based unified search engine for a more precise and combined search for Windows users.
  4. Restoration of the Start Button on the taskbar for the improved use of desktop when the Start screen is opened. Such restoration was made as a warm blanket for those Windows 8 users who found it confusing on the removal of its start button.
  5. The user’s desktop can now be restored to its previous behaviour during login which improved the integration between Windows Store apps and the desktop.
  6. High-resolution displays, 3D printing, Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast streaming and ReFSfile system can now be found in this operating system in support for the developing technologies in the market.

The enhancement or upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, received positive comments from its users and critics. Moreover, it has expanded the Windows 8 functions. Just like any other operating system, Windows 8.1 is still the subject of criticism as there are some irregularities on Windows 8 not addressed by the new system.

Recently, Windows 8.1 has improved its apps with an upgraded app store removing most of the internet bugs, new video and music apps. It has an improved system-wide search using Bing and Internet Explorer. The power shell has been upgraded, enhancing its security and stability features, video & music apps are new, user interface enhanced with more customization, Skydrive and OneDrive syncing service have been integrated. It now supports 3D printing, the Resilient File System or the ReFS and DirectX 11.2, most especially, the issues on live tile resizing and snapping on the application were already resolved.

Because of such enhancement made by Microsoft, upgrading the system to a higher version can also be made with the use of Windows 8.1 product keys.

If you are using Windows 8, you may update your system to Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store. However, it requires 2-3.6 GB or a higher package with Windows 8.1 specific product key. Windows 8.1 upgrade is free of charge.

In order for the new or updated system to run, a user must obtain a Windows 8.1 product key. Thus, all you need to know about Windows 8.1 product key can be found here.

Windows 8.1 Product Key is an activation key composed of 25 characters or codes XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This key must only be used once. Thus, the activation key is for validation purposes to find out if a copy of your Windows 8.1 operating system is not duplicated.

Your Windows 8.1 operating system cannot run on your computer, despite the fact that you have genuine windows installed on your computer if the Windows 8.1 product key is not activated.

When you purchase your Windows 8.1 from a store, a digital copy will be given to you. However, if you buy it online, Windows 8.1 serial or product keys are obtained. On the other hand, on pre-installed Windows 8.1, the product or activation key can be found at the back of your computer.

You can also find the Windows 8.1 Product Keys on the Microsoft site. If you own one of these product keys and activated such product key on your computer, nobody can ever use it, as the said product key is registered on your name.

Obtaining genuine windows is very beneficial to users because the moment you acquire it, you may be able to update it to higher versions of windows.

Hence, if you have activated Windows 8.1 on your computer, you may upgrade it to Windows 10, which is a higher version of Microsoft Windows, and may use its special features provided your CPU has installed a higher or latest drive, board, etc. compatible to that of Windows 10 operating system.

To sum it all, Windows 8.1 upgraded Windows 8 improving its features with those users of Microsoft demand nowadays.

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