World of Warcraft Classic Final Test Run

World of Warcraft Classic Final Test Run

In truth, World of Warcraft Classic is looming on the horizon. But before its official release, players the world over will get one last chance to sample the illustrious goods. On that note, the pre-launch begins August 8, starting 11 am Pacific Time and 7 pm BST, and will end on Friday.

The developers Blizzard will be involved to some degree, at least initially anyway, surveying the action for the first few hours. With that in mind, players are actively encouraged to hop on as early as possible. But how do we take this pre-baby for a test spin, I hear you cry? Well, if you wish to participate, read on for all the juicy details.

Currently, players can download WoW Classic from and sync it with an existing WoW account so that when Classic hits shelves, you won’t require any additional action. However, you’ll need to be a current subscriber, to be able to play the original version of WoW. And considering the unwavering popularity of World of Warcraft, the likelihood is, a considerable percentage of players worldwide still have active accounts. Such is the mass-appeal of World of Warcraft.

The vanilla World of Warcraft experience is bare-bones stuff by comparison with future models. Very much back to basics without future expansions and updates restructuring the spine. And truthfully, these exemptions do impact the core game. That said, returning to where it all began, has a somewhat, inherent charm about it. In truth, it’s one that I can’t quite put my finger on.

For instance, combat feels raw and unrefined. Better still, the world is just as impressive in size and scale, as it once felt. All the while, the gentler pacing structure allows players of all abilities to soak in the enchanting environments and mystical atmospheres.

There’s something uniquely special about a game that manages to muster that magical feeling, despite its archaic lifespan. Besides, I’m still scouting for new and improved ways to splash all that WoWC Gold, spilling out the kitty bank.

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And now, the all-important answer you’ve all been lusting over, oh so persistently. Never mind this pre-test-run malarkey. When exactly, can we get our eager-hands on the real-deal, I hear you say. Well, the fortuitous news is, fans don’t have to wait too long at all; in fact, its release lingers right around the corner.

Fear, not friends and neighbours, if you happen to miss out on the glorious pre-launch, the full version of World of Warcraft Classic will be available from August 27, 2019. But before then, you’ll have to settle for the final launch preparations. And hopefully, the game will take-off upon release (excuse the pun).

We want to hear from you, the gamer. What are your impressions of WoWC? Furthermore, are you excited for a nostalgic trip back to when WoW was just a cute and cuddly, fledgeling MMO? We would love to hear your contributions. So please, chip in via the chat below.

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