How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

Bypass iCloud lock Your iPhone locked? And it’s asking primary users Apple ID  PASSWORD, But you can’t provide because you are not the original user then you must be searching a way to  Bypass iCloud. Don’t worry everything is possible in this geek world So today am going to telling you guys a 100% effective way to Bypass iCloud. I Unlocked an iPhone By using this way that’s why am writing the article about Bypass iCloud Lock.

First If you are reading this article for knowledge purpose only, then you guys first need to understand what is an iCloud lock.

How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

When you purchase an iPhone then you need to create an apple id it’s similar to Gmail id. But not so – similar Because If you forget your Gmail password you can reset easily But in ios it’s impossible am not saying 100 % impossible but it’s not easy to reset. I was talking about the iCloud lock, If you reset your iPhone in factory mode & you don’t remember the email id pass then you can’t able to use your iPhone.Without apple ID password you can’t access your iPhone. Now you must be thinking how anyone can forget their ID password. Actually, everyone can’t afford iPhone so we purchase used iPhone From Online Shopping Sites. And we can’t change original users info.

And if you are thinking to create new Apple ID & then use it on iPhone then it will not work & you are wasting your time Because Every iPhone can use one Apple ID & it’s connected to their server so you can’t change without their Permission. Am also not saying you can’t create multiple accounts but if you reset your iPhone then the last account will only work.

Hope you guys understood what is the iCloud lock now it’s time to unlock iPhone. I know you already tried many Online Unlock tool but all are waste Because Online tool never Bypass iCloud. And Many Online tools ask you money to Unlock But the truth is Bypass iCloud lock is not easy am not talking about not-so-geeky People. Actually, If you have so much knowledge about computer & Programming only then you can Bypass But Don’t worry today am gonna telling you Full Guide to Bypass iCloud.

How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to computer By Using USB Cable.

Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode.

  • Turn Off your iPhone
  • Now Press Home + Power Button.
  • When Apple Logo Disappear release power Button Only keeps pressing Home Button.
  • Now when you hear Notification Sound in computer release Home Buton Also
Step 2 : Now Install jdk in your Computer Because to run Bypass iCloud tools we need jdk & java. You can Easily get Online.
  • Putty
  • WinSCP
  • Tiny Umbrella 
Step 3 : Now install iTunes + these tools in your Computer You can search Online For these tools IF you are Unable to Find you can comment down Below I will try to Provide each & every tools.
Step 4 : Now Open SSH tool It will Exploit Your iPhone & it’s java based Application You need to install java & jdk for this.
Now you Will Get ID Password

Id – root
password – alpine

Step 5 : Now Open Putty It will Mount your Files.

Type localhost in host name & 2022 in Port

How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

Now a Window will Open It will ask you login id password enter id pass that you received in SSH tools then Hit Enter

Step 6: Now you have to Mount your device type mnt1 then hit enter.

Now again type mnt2 then hit enter.

Step 7: Now Minimize it & Open WinSCP

BY using this tool you can access root files of your iPhone.Now type host name localhost & port no. 2022 click on login.

How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

Step 8:
Now it will ask you for username & password username is root password is alpine.

Now you need to go mnt1 > Applications > Delete

How to Bypass iCloud lock on iPhone

Step 9 : Now you can close everything.

Now Disconnect Your iPhone. Press Home Button + Power Button.
When Your iPhone Turns on release Both Button.

Final Step 10: Now Open Tiny Umbrella Connect your iPhone.
Now Select your iPhone Device & then Click on Exit Recovery.

Done Now your iPhone will turn on Finally you Bypass iCloud Lock Successfully.

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