How to Remove Password from PDF File on Any Device

How to Remove Password from PDF File

If you have a Password Protected PDF File, and you want to remove the Password from it. This means, want to turn it into a standard PDF File. Then, this article will provide all the guidance you need.

Usually, sensitive or financial PDF files are password-protected. So that, only authorized users can access those documents. However, If you frequently use a PDF File. Then, it can be irritating to input the password each time you want to access it.

Yes, there are several methods available to remove password from PDF file. Regardless of the device you’re using, this article will cover multiple methods around Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The best part is you won’t need to download any PDF Password Remover. So, let’s begin.

Remove Password from PDF File

Method 1: Use Google Chrome to Remove the PDF Password

When you run the Print command in Google Chrome on any webpage. It gives an option to either print the document or save it as PDF. Basically, it’s a “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature. By using the same built-in feature, we can easily remove passwords from any PDF File. Since the Microsoft Edge browser is also based on Chromium, you can use that as well.

1. Right-click on the Password Protected PDF file and then click on Open with > Google Chrome. (Yes, you can choose Microsoft Edge, if Chrome isn’t installed.)

Open PDF File in Google Chrome

Note: If you’re using a Macbook then do Install Chrome Browser. Or, try another method.

2. The secured PDF File will now ask you to enter the password. Password required screen will appear, enter your PDF File password and click on ok.

Enter PDF File Password

3. Once the PDF file gets unlocked and opened. Click on the Print icon from the upper right corner of the screen. Or, you can press Ctrl + P Keyboard shortcut.

Click on Print Icon in Chrome

4. Now, in the destination option, select the “Save as PDF” option. Click on Save.

Save as PDF File

5. Save as the screen appears, do enter the new name of the PDF File. And, click on save.

Save PDF to Remove Password from PDF File on Windows

That’s it, we have removed the password from the secured PDF. Now, do just open the new PDF you’ve created. And, it will not ask for the password anymore. So, that’s how you can remove password protection from pdf on Windows and Mac.

Method 2: Use Google Docs to Remove Password

Like Chrome, you can use Google Docs to remove passwords from your PDF File. Google Docs has an advantage: it allows you to save PDF files in multiple formats. First, you have to upload a file to Google Drive. After that, you can open it in Google Docs. And, save files in multiple different file formats.

1. Simply open Google Drive on your web browser. Click on New > File Upload. You can now download all Google Drive Files at once, to do so, read our article on it.

Upload File in Google Drive

2. Open Window will appear, do select your Password Protected PDF File and click on Open.

Select and open Password Protected PDF File

3. Once, the PDF File gets uploaded, double-click on it to open. (Refresh the webpage once if you’re not able to locate the uploaded PDF File.)

4. “Please enter this document’s password to view it” screen will appear. Enter the PDF file password and click on submit.

Enter PDF File Password

5. The PDF File will now open. You will now see the “Open With” option in the middle of the screen. Click on Open with > Google Docs.

Open Password Protected PDF with Google Docs

6. PDF files will now open in Google Docs.

7. After that, click on the File > Download > PDF document (.pdf) option.

Download Password Unlocked PDF Document

8. That’s it, PDF file will get downloaded. Do check your downloads folder. So, that’s how you can easily remove password from any PDF File.

Method 3: Use Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Reader

If Adobe Acrobat is installed on your system. Then, you can use the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option in it. It works similarly to the first method. Doesn’t matter, which PDF Reader you’re using. Since it’s a Microsoft feature, it works when you initiate Print Command.

Yes, Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with an option to eliminate the password from any secured document. But, it’s a pro feature, and Adobe only offers 7 days free trial. So, here’s the free method.

1. Simply right-click on the PDF File with the Password. Click on Open With > Adobe Acrobat.

Open Password Secured PDF File in Adobe Acrobat

2. A window will appear and ask you to enter the password. Do enter the PDF File Password and click on OK.

Enter Password to Open PDF File in Adobe Acrobat

3. Adobe Acrobat will open the PDF File. Click on the Print icon from the Adobe right corner of the screen.

Print Adobe File

4. A print window will appear. In the Printer field, select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option. Select other details if you want to change anything. Click on Print.

Microsoft Print to PDF


5. The “Save Print Output as” window will appear. Select desktop, enter the file name, and click on Save.

Save Print Output As to Remove Password from PDF File

A new password-removed PDF will be saved on the desktop. Do open it and it will not ask password.

Method 4: Use the Online PDF Unlock Tool

Although, you don’t need any unlocker tool if you use the above methods. But, if you want to quickly remove the PDF Password using any device. Then, you can use the “ilovepdf” online PDF Unlock tool.

Note: Don’t upload sensitive PDF files to unlock using any online tool.

1. Simply, open the Unlock PDF online tool on your web or mobile browser.

2. Click on “Select PDF File”. And, do select your secured PDF File.

Select PDF File in Ilovepdf

3. Once, the PDF file gets selected, click on Unlock PDF.

Unlock PDF File Online

4. It will now ask you to enter a password, enter the password, and click on Send.

Enter PDF File Password to Unlock Online

5. The file will be unlocked. Click on “download unlocked pdf” to download the file.

Download Unlocked PDF ilovepdf

That’s it, you can use an online tool to remove the pdf file password on any device. Yes, there are a few more good online tools available. But, this one is enough. Or, if you want to password-protect a PDF file, then there is an adobe online tool available.