How to View Complete Clipboard History on iPhone using Shortcuts

View Complete Clipboard History on iPhone

In Windows 11, you can open Clipboard by pressing the Windows + V keyboard shortcut. Similarly on Mac, you can go to Edit > Show Clipboard from Finder Menu. But, when it comes to iOS, there is no such option available. The only way to check what’s on Clipboard is by pasting it into a text editor. Since Apple doesn’t allow you to view your complete clipboard history on iPhone. So, in this article, you will find some ways to open your Clipboard on your iPhone. So that, you can recopy anything that you’ve copied earlier.

Problem with Third-party Clipboard Apps in iOS 16

Yes, there are some third-party Clipboard apps available. But, since iOS 16, you have to Allow “Paste” permission every time. Moreover, you have to open the app again and again. Which is quite inconvenient and annoying. And, I am sure you don’t want to let these apps get your sensitive information, such as Passwords, Card Details.

View Clipboard History on iPhone

Method 1: Use the Notes App

The main purpose of Clipboard is to save text after you copy it from somewhere. The clipboard does save text until you copy the next text. So, by pasting text into Notes App, you can find what’s on Clipboard. Basically, you can retract your last copied text.

1. Simply Open the Notes App.

2. Hold for a second and you will get the Paste option. Tap on it.

View ClipBoard Text using Notes App


That’s it, it will paste text from your iOS Clipboard.

Method 2: Open Clipboard using Shortcuts App

The iOS Shortcuts App is capable to do much more than you think. Surprisingly, the Shortcuts app offers a built-in shortcut. That will allow you to open Clipboard and edit its contents. And, the new content will automatically get copied.

1. Open Shortcuts App on your iPhone.

2. Tap on Gallery from the bottom menu.

Open Shortcuts Gallery on iOS

3. Here you will find all built-in shortcuts that you can use. Tap on the search and look for “Adjust Clipboard”.

4. Adjust Clipboard will appear in search results, tap on the + Icon.

Adjust Clipboard Shortcut in Shortcuts App

5. Next, tap on “+ Add Shortcut“. That’s it, Shortcut will get added to Shortcuts Library.

Add Adjust Clipboard Shortcut to Shortcuts App

6. That’s it, now copy any text from anywhere.

7. After that, open the Shortcuts app and tap on “Adjust Clipboard”.

Open Clipboard in iPhone using Adjust Clipboard

8. Change your Clipboard contents window will appear. From it, you can edit copied text and can manage your iPhone Clipboard. That’s how you can View Clipboard History on iPhone.

Edit Clipboard on iPhone

Note: The “Adjust Clipboard” shortcut will ask for permission to copy the clipboard item to Clipboard. So, you have to allow it.

Allow Adjust Clipboard to Copy Clipboard Text

Method 3: Custom Shortcut to View Clipboard History

With the above methods, you can only check what was last copied on Clipboard. But, if you want to View Clipboard History, then you can create a custom shortcut. The Shortcuts app on iPhone is quite powerful. You can build any shortcut to automate your daily tasks. To save the current copied text to Notes App, you can create a simple shortcut. Yes, you can customize shortcuts as you want.

However, you have to run this shortcut every time before you copy text. That’s why you can set this shortcut to back tap to run.

Create a Shortcut to Copy Clipboard Text in Notes

1. Open Shortcuts App and tap on the + icon to Create a new Shortcut.

2. Tap on “Add Action” to add a new Action.

New Shortcut to View Complete Clipboard History

3. In search, type Clipboard. And, from the search results, tap on “Get Clipboard”.

Get Clipboard Action in Shortcuts

4. From the bottom tap on Search to add a new action. In the search bar, type “Find Notes” and select it from the search results.

Select Find Notes Action

5. Next, search for “Append to Notes”, and tap on it to Add.

Select Append to Note Action

6. After that, in Append Notes to Note. Tap on Note and select a New Note. (If not any new note is created, do create it from Notes App.)

Select a Notes File to View Complete Clipboard History iPhone

7. Tap on the down arrow icon and after that tap on Rename. Give a new name to your shortcut.

Rename Append to Note to Clipboard History

8. That’s it, Tap on Done.

9. Now, first copy text from anywhere. After that, open Shortcuts App and Run the “Clipboard History” Shortcut.

Run Clipboard History Shortcut

10. It will ask you to append text permission, tap on “Always Allow”.

Allow Clipboard History Shortcut Append Permission

Add Shortcut to Back-Tap

1. Open Settings App.

2. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility > Touch > Scroll down and tap on “Back Tap”.

Back Tap Gesture on iPhone Settings

3. Next, tap on Double Tap. (Alternatively, you can also select the Triple Tap option.)

Double Tap and Triple Tap iPhone

4. Scroll down and do select your “Clipboard History” Shortcut from the Shortcuts section.

Select Clipboard History Shortcut

4. Tap on Back Arrow and Close Settings App.

5. That’s it, now after you copy any text you have to Double tap at the back of the iPhone. And, the shortcut will automatically save clipboard text in Notes. You will get a Clipboard History confirmation notification.

Save Text to Notes Clipboard History

You can check the Notes App later to View Clipboard History on your iPhone. Creating a shortcut and setting up the back-tap gesture is just a one-time process. And, it’s better than opening the third-party app again and again.

Method 4: Use Third-Party Clipboard Apps

On App Store, you can find tons of Apps that you can use as alternatives to Clipboard. You have to open these apps every time you copy text. And, that’s how these apps keep track of your Clipboard History.

Moreover, there are some clipboard apps that you have to run in the background. And still, you have to Allow “Paste” permission. This can consume battery. Although, if you like you can try Clipboard, Clipboard ++, and Clipboard – Paste Keyboard Apps.

Yes, there are some Keyboard Apps available that can offer you a built-in Clipboard. But, replacing Apple Keyboard with some random keyboard apps isn’t a good idea. These apps can steal your personal information. So, it would be better if you use the above methods. Using the Shortcuts app with the Notes app is a better way to see the Clipboard history. If you know any other better way, let me know in the comment section.