Best Survey Bypasser Tools – 3 Methods to Remove Survey.

Survey Bypasser Tools

There is no doubt that Internet is the largest source of Information and Data. And we all download dozens of files daily from the Internet. Some file storage sites offer download button easily. But there are some file storage sites, that force us to complete the survey before downloading any file. You must be thinking why these sites put a survey on file download page. Although, Alternatively you can download files from different source. But, If the file is quite important and not available on any other site then you need a survey bypasser tools.

Before start telling you about survey remover tool, First I want to tell you some other important things. All survey sites are not genuine, means there isn’t any guarantee that you will get the file. Some sites force you to download some software, Which contains Malware (can infect your computer or Mobile). So, before trying out any survey bypasser tools, I recommend you to search for the file from an Alternative Source.

Why Survey?.

Survey page appears after clicking on download file button. And you may be thinking why I need to fill the survey for downloading a file. There are tons of ways available to earn money online, And unfortunately, the survey is one of them. To earn extra money, site owners add surveys on important files.

Some survey asks for personal details and some survey ask to download software or extensions. But it’s not a right decision to fill unwanted Surveys. So the best thing you can do is try survey bypasser Tools. But if not any Survey remover tools Works. Then don’t waste time in filling the survey, Find another source or forget about that file.

How to bypass online survey?.

There are few sites that conduct online surveys and provide money to the site owner. FileIce, ShareCash, CleanFiles and many others are part of it. You don’t need any bypasser tools to remove survey. There are few working methods available to get rid of from annoying surveys.

3 Methods to Remove Survey – Survey Bypasser.

Method: 1 Disable JavaScript of Web Browser.

Survey works with the help of JavaScript, And you can skip surveys by disabling the JavaScript. Even bypasser tools also work on this same Concept. Online surveys bypass tools disable JavaScript of that webpage and skip survey page.

First close survey page and then open settings page of Chrome Web Browser.

Type chrome://settings in URL box and press enter. Or alternatively, you can access chrome settings by clicking on the menu button. (Vertical three dots)

Scroll down a little bit on the settings page and then click on Advanced to open extra settings.

In Advanced settings section you”ll get content settings option, Click on it.Content Settings

In Content Setting you”ll get JavaScript option, Click on it.

JavaScript Button

Now just disable JavaScript Button and it will show you blocked.Disable JavaScript of Web Browser

Done, Now try to open survey page and this time survey window will not popup. And don’t forget to enable javascript after downloading that file. But if still survey window appears then you can try the next method.

Method: 2 Skip Surveys using Inspect Element.

This method is specifically for Fileice surveys but you can still try it on other surveys. You can only perform this method is Chrome or Firefox Web Browser. For mobile devices please check out the next method.

When the survey appears, Right click on survey title and choose Inspect element option.
After that, Keep pressing the delete button to delete survey scripts. And When survey goes disappear, you can close inspect element window.Skip Surveys using Inspect Element

This method will work only If the survey is appearing on the download button. But If the site is going to provide download link after completing this survey. Then this method might not work for you then you can try next method.

Method : 3 Best Survey Bypasser Tools.

There are some specific bypass tools Available. Although some tools claim to bypass survey and provide the original download link. But only a few of them are works fine. According to user review and experience, I am going to list down some best survey killer tools.

1 Bypass Survey Online Tool.

This Survey Bypasser tool is famous to bypass survey of GuardTunnel, Plunder, YouDownload, and ScriptMafia. It is an online tool, that removes survey scripts and Objects and allows access to Premium Content.Bypass Survey Online Tool

To Bypass survey through this online Tool. First, open survey bypass site.
Now copy download URL of your File, and paste it into the URL box of the site.
Before clicking on the Go button mark these options –
encrypt URL, Allow cookies, Remove Scripts and Remove cookies button.

After selecting this option click on Go button and site will remove survey within a minute.

2 Redirect Bypasser.

Redirect Survey Bypasser is a firefox extension that extracts links from URL. It can handle dynamic content and useful to avoid frame pages. It also blocks unwanted ads and removes surveys from download pages. Usually, survey URL comes with pop-up overlay, which appears when you click on Link. This extension block “survey overlay” and let you download the file.

Is survey bypass tools really Works?.

I have tried many survey remover tools but unfortunately, none of them are Working. Some tools are asking for money, And it’s not a good idea to pay without trying the tool. Although some YouTube video claims to download files using these tools. But those tools are outdated and will not work with latest Surveys.

If after trying these three methods still, you’re unable to bypass surveys then don’t waste your time in searching for tools.