How to Burn ISO to USB Drive – Complete Guide.

How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

So you have an ISO File & maybe windows or Linux ISO File and Want to Burn into USB Drive. So you can boot that USB Drive in any Computer. Burn ISO to USB is not easy like copying File from computer to PenDrive.

It’s Even Different than Burning an ISO to Disc like CD & DVD, Because we need different software to perform that process. If you really planning to create a bootable USB Drive & want to run Windows & any other OS from that USB then luckily there is the Best tool Available to Burn ISO to USB.

Don’t forget burning disc & burning USB both are different things, In Burning ISO there is no laser technology involved. Simply you need to connect USB normally. It’s like a flash drive & It will take around 20 Minutes to burn USB. sometimes It takes more than 20 Minutes but all depends on an ISO File size.

IMPORTANT – Burning an ISO will erase your all data from USB Drive, So Don’t forget to move your Important data into a safe Palace (memory). And before following all process make sure your PenDrive must have sufficient storage.
For Example – if you want to Burn 3GB ISO File & you are using 2GB USB Drive then you will get Error. you need to use 4GB or higher storage Pendrive to Burn ISO to USB Drive.

How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

To burn ISO to USB Drive, there is a free tool available named “Rufus”. Rufus is a windows application & works on windows 10, 8, 7, windows XP & windows vista.

It is a utility that helps format and creates Bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, etc. It properly extracts the content of your ISO file & copy into USB drive properly. there are many tools available to Burn ISO to USB Drive, But by using that software’s USB don’t boot Properly. That’s why Rufus is the best option to Burn ISO.

First, download Rufus v 2.1.1 Portable.

Now right click on rufus-2.11p & click on Run as Administrator. It will Ask you to check updates click on OK, Application will open.

rufus - How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

Now Insert your USB Drive & Don’t forget to read IMPORTANT thing that I Mentioned Before. If you Don’t Read maybe you can loose your Important Data.

Now Select USB Drive that you want to Burn & Select MBR Partition scheme for BIOS & UFEI. Do not select any other Option otherwise, your USB Drive will not Boot. Now select fat32.

Now there you can see Four options first mark them All.

* check device & bad blocks – This Option will check disk errors after burning USB Drive.

* Quick Format – This Option will Erase all your Personal data. If you want to Burn ISO to USB then you need to Select Quick Format Option.

*IMPORTANT – Create a Bootable disk using – You can see a Drop-Down Menu Because you are burning ISO Select “ISO Image” from that Menu.

Now you can see CD Icon Click on it. This is the option to select ISO File that you want to Burn. Here I want to Burn Ubuntu that’s why am Selecting Ubuntu ISO.

You can check all changes in Below Image.

Final Settings How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

After Setting up All thing It’s time to do Final Step towards Burn ISO to USB Drive. Now Click on Start Button. Now It will Ask you two – Option.

  • Write an ISO Image Mode 
  • Write a DD ISO Image.

 write an iso image mode How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

Select Write an ISO Image Mode & Click on OK. We are Burning an ISO File that’s why we are Choosing first one.

Now It will give you WARNING that your all data will Erase that I told you Already. Click on OK.

Now Process Will Start.

process start How to Burn ISO to USB Drive

It will take around 20 Minutes. It depends on ISO File Size, Now just Sit back & Relax till Process will Complete.

After completion, you can see Ready written on Process Bar. It means you successfully Burn ISO.

complete Burn ISO to USB

Some Other Information

Rufus is ISO File Burning Programme. It Only Supports .ISO File. If you Downloaded an ISO File & format is .zip & .rar then Before start Following all steps first Extract File Using Software. You can use WINRAR Software to Extract File. After Extracting File you can access .ISO File.

I have written complete Procedure to Burn ISO to USB Drive. If you have any windows ISO File then this method & we can say this software is a Perfect solution for You. There are dozens of software available to Burn ISO File, But I chose Rufus Because we don’t need to Install it & file size also small.

Thank for reading stay updated with me & Get a Bounce in your Geek Life.