Fix Canon Printer Communication Error on Windows 11

Canon Printer Communication Error Windows 11

In Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced completely new settings for Printers & Scanners. But, after updating to Windows 11, many users are facing trouble while printing. Especially, Canon Printer users are getting Communication Errors. Communication Error usually occurs in wired printers. When the printer is not turned on. Or, the USB cable isn’t properly connected. This error can also occur with Wireless Printers when the WiFi Network is malfunctioning.

However, If your printer is properly connected and turned on, and still you’re continually facing the error. Then, the problem could be with the Windows Printer Services or Settings. Here’s how to resolve a Canon printer communication Error on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Tip: If you’re in hurry and want to print a document. Then, apply 4th solution, and the printing process will get started. But, if you want to permanently fix this, then do follow each solution mentioned in this article.

Fix Canon Printer Communication Error on Windows 11

Solution 1: Make Sure the Printer is Properly Connected.

As Mentioned Earlier, Communication Error in canon printers occurs when the printer isn’t properly connected. Even, the error window shows to check the following:

  • Is the printer turned on?
  • Is the cable properly connected?

1. First, do check the Power LED in Printer is turned on or not. It could be blue or green, as per the printer model number.

2. After that, make sure the Printer’s USB Cable is connected to the PC/Laptop or not. Sometimes, the cable gets loose from behind the printer. So, do check that as well.

3. If you have an extra cable, then, do replace the USB cable and try printing again.

4. If you’re using a relay device such as a USB hub, then do connect the cable directly to Computer.

Solution 2: Make Sure the Printer is Online.

In Windows, you can check whether the Printer is Connected Properly or Not. Windows show offline status when the Printer is not connected properly. Here’s how you can check Printer Status on Windows 11.

1. Open Settings App on Windows by pressing Windows + I Keyboard Shortcut.

2. Click on Bluetooth & devices from the left pane. And, after that, click on “Printers & scanners”.

Windows 11 Printers and Scanners Settings

3. Click on your Printer name and model number.

Select Cannon Printer

4. If your Printer now shows Offline status. Then, it means the USB cable is not properly connected. And, the issue is from the hardware side. Well, no worries, you can easily fix Printer Offline Error on Windows by reading our article on it.

Canon Printer is Offline

5. Now, do connect the Printer USB Cable Properly. There will be no “offline” status when the printer is properly connected. And, you will only see Default in Printer Status.

If you’re using an older version of Windows. Then, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. And, click on your Canon Printer and you can check Printer Status.

Solution 3: Set Canon Printer as your Default Printer.

If your printer is properly connected but still Windows is not able to communicate with it. Then, it could possible that the Printer configuration isn’t done right. First, you have to make sure that Canon Printer is set to default.

Steps to set Default Printer in Windows 11 22H2.

1. Press Windows + I Keyboard Shortcut to open Windows 11 Settings App.

2. Click on Bluetooth & devices from the left pane. After that, click on “Printers & scanners”.

3. Now, Click on your Canon Printer Name and Model Number.

4. You will now see the “Set as Default” option, click on it.

Set Canon as your Default Printer

Steps to set Default Printer in Windows 10 and Older.

1. Open Control Panel. (Open it from Windows Desktop or use Windows Search.)

2. Go to Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.

3. In the Printers section, you will find your Canon Printer listed. Do right-click on it and click on “Set as default printer”.

Set as Default Printer Control Panel

4. That’s it, you will see a Green Mark over your Canon Printer.

Note: If you don’t find your Printer listed in the settings and control panel. Then, you have to install Printer Drivers.

Solution 4: Restart Print Spooler Service.

Like Windows Programs, Printing also relies on some services. And, sometimes, these services stop working due to some third-party programs. By restarting Print Spooler Service you can fix the Communication Error of any Canon Printer instantly. And, when you will try to print the document again, no error will occur.

What is Print Spooler Service?

This service basically handles Windows interactions with your Printer. And, it is responsible for print jobs. If this service is turned off or not working properly. Then, you will not able to print any documents. Or, you might not able to see your printer in Windows Settings.

Keep the Communication Error window open and do follow the following steps:

Canon LBP2900 Printer Error

1. Press Windows + R key to open Run Window.

2. Type services.msc in the run window and press enter.

Open Windows 11 Services

3. Services window will get open, do look for the “Print Spooler” service. Do right-click on it and then click on Properties.

Open Print Spooler Properties

4. Now, in the startup type, do select the “Automatic” option. Click on Apply > Ok.

Set Print Spooler Service Startup Type to Automatic

5. After that, right-click on the Print Spooler service and then click on Restart.

Restart Print Spooler Service

6. Wait for Print Spooler Service to get restarted. And, you will notice that the Communication Error window will now be turned into the “Ready to Print” window.

Canon Printer Ready to Print

Now try to print the document again and Printing Process will get started.

Canon Printing Process Get Started

So, that’s how you can fix Canon Communication Error on Windows 11. First, make sure there isn’t an issue from the hardware side of the Printer. After that, set Canon Printer as your Default Printer. Also, make sure the Printer status is offline. If Communication Error still appears, then simply restart Print Spooler Service.