How to download amazon video to PC, Android and iOS.

Download Amazon Video to PC

Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu also YouTube made possible to Watch Series Online. But these services are good until you have a decent internet connection. Downloading videos from these services are opposed to steam online because these services are made to watch TV Shows and Movies Online. Amazon Prime Video is well – known Netflix Alternative, it doesn’t provide any direct option to download Amazon video to PC.

Although, Owners of Amazon fire tablets can download Amazon Prime video for offline viewing. And it’s the great option to watch videos even you don’t have the internet connection, or you’re in aeroplane mode. Recently Amazon introduced Amazon Prime video download option for Android and iOS users. Yes, you need to subscribe Amazon prime to download videos there is no bypass. Still, Amazon officially not added an option to download Amazon video to PC but there are some other ways to download.

Before start telling you about other ways to download the prime video to PC, Check it out this simple guide to download Prime video to Android and iOS.

Download Amazon Video to Android / iOS.

The procedure to download Amazon Video is quite similar in Android and iOS. Because both apps have the same User Interface and the same functionality.

Step 1: Download the Amazon Prime Video app. If you’re Android user download from Google Play Store or iOS user can download it from iTunes. Run Amazon Prime Video App and then Sign in or SignUp using Amazon Prime Account, make sure you already subscribed prime.

Step 2: Before start downloading any video, First you need to change a few basic settings. Swipe Right Side to access App menu or you can tap on three horizontal lines. From that menu access Settings> Stream & Download.

By using these settings you can set your video steam quality and download Quality. The default download Quality Settings will be Always Ask, you can change it to Data Saver to Best. If you have the average internet connection then choose Good one or if you’re using the high-speed internet then choose Best.


Download Amazon Video to PC - Android 1

Step 3: To Download Amazon Video, go back to Home Page and search for your Favourite TV Shows and movies. If it’s TV Show then you’ll able to see download Icon on the right side of the video title. Or if it is Movie then checks download option below Watch Now option.

Download Amazon Video to PC - Android 2


Or if you want to delete downloaded the video just tap on the trash icon. Alternatively, you can go to Menu > Downloads and find all downloaded Videos.

Download Amazon Video to PC.

The first way to download Amazon Video on PC is to use Android Emulator on Windows. Download Bluestack App Player and then download or import Amazon Prime Video app in it, and then follow the above procedure to download. Or if Bluestack Android Emulator isn’t compatible with your computer then you can download & Install PrimeOS.

Method: 1 Use Video DownloadHelper Extension.

This is the best method to download Amazon Prime Video on your Computer. Video DownloadHelper is a popular plugin or extension for Chrome and Firefox. That allows downloading videos in multiple quality. First, this plugin was available for Firefox. But, now it is available for Chrome also. So, whichever browser you’re using, you can install the plugin on it.

Video DownloadHelper Extension

This extension isn’t specially designed for Prime Video. But, it is working absolutely fine. Downloading Amazon Prime Video with this plugin is quite easy.

1. First, Install Video DownloadHelper extension in your Chrome Web Browser.

2. Play the video that you want to download.

3. After playing the video, click on the extension icon.

Now, wait for at least 30 seconds, and extension will load all available video quality. The extension also does show the size of the video file. So, you can choose a high-quality video file according to it.

4. When you will click on any video quality shown by extension. A new tab will get open. Click on “use browser” option, and video will get start downloading.

That’s it. So, this is the best way to download Amazon video into your hard disk. But, please use this method for personal use.

Note: To play video after downloading from this extension. Please use the VLC Media Player.

Method: 2 Using PlayOn Software.

Apart from Android App Player and OS, this is the only possible way to download Amazon prime videos. However, I tried dozens of ways and manage to download Amazon video using IDM but Amazon uses encryption. So even after completing download video was showing a black screen and no sound.

What is PlayOn?

PlayOn is a desktop software that allows you to record any streaming video from Amazon Video. It’s similar to working of DVR for TV, you can record and save Amazon video as.MP4 Files to the hard drive on your PC. PlayOn isn’t Free you to need to pay

PlayOn isn’t Free you to need to pay approx 40 USD which is Lifetime Fee. Although you can try PlayOn for FREE 7 Days, it required credit card details.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video Using Playon.

Step 1: Download PlayOn Software on your Windows PC. Now open Software and go to channel option and select Amazon Prime and log in with your Amazon Prime account details.

Step 2: Use search shows option and search for your favourite show that you want to download and then click on the record button. Check the following image for more information.Download Amazon Video to PC - Playon

So this is the legal way to download Amazon Video to PC, But still, it’s paid and not everyone can afford to pay. So I suggest you move to the next option which is my way to download Amazon Prime video while watching.

Method: 3 Use Screen Recorder Software. (For PC and Mac)

It’s also not illegal way, it’s simple Geek Hacks that allows you to save Amazon Video to your Local Hard Disk while watching videos. Sometimes we want to save our favourite TV Shows and Movies so we can watch again later. So, here is a simple way to save online Amazon prime videos while watching them on the computer.

Step 1: Download Screen recorder software, On my Screen Capture Tool Article I mentioned About Snagit software. Snagit allows recording computer screen while doing some activity on PC. Although it’s paid software many sites offers it’s for Free or you can try any other FREE screen recorder software.

Step 2: First open Snagit software on PC or Mac > click on Video option> Turn on System Audio and Turn Off Record Microphone option.Download Amazon Video to PC - Snagit 1

Step 3: Open Web browser and then open Amazon Prime Video site, after that simply log in to your Amazon account. Now search for your favourite TV Show and Movie that you want to Download.

Step 4: Don’t start the video first press Print Screen Button to start Capturing. Snagit software allows to record specific screen so select video playing area and it will start recording. When the recording starts, play the video and when video complete press Shift + F9 to stop recording or Alternatively you can use Snagit icon.Download Amazon Video to PC - Snagit 2

Step 5: When you stop recording a Windows will appear, it’s Snagit video editor you can crop video if you want. Else go to the file menu and use save option to save the video to watch later.


That’s all folks, these are the all possible way to Download Amazon Video to PC and all other devices. If you have the android mobile then download on Amazon Prime App and then Mirror Android to PC. Or if you only want to download on PC then you can use PlayOn software. Else if you want to download to watch again and the best option is Snagit Screen recording software. If you guys know any other better and smarter way feel free to comment.