Roku Remote not Working.

Roku remote not working – Try these 5 Solution to Fix.

Roku is the best streaming player. But, recently many users are facing some issues with their remote. If your Roku remote not working, then follow this article to get some solutions. Although you can use your Android or iOS device as Roku remote. But, Roku remote control, is an essential part, of Roku streaming player. With Roku remote control you can perform the voice search. It comes with 3.5mm audio jack. Even, you can turn Roku remote into the universal remote.

The remote problems may differ, based on which type of remote you’re using. If you don’t know, there are two types of Roku Remote control available.

Standard IR Remote – If you ever used any old cable TV, then you already know about these. This type of remote comes with IR-blaster. And, to use this type of remote – you need to point it towards Roku Player or TV.

Enhanced Remote – This type of Roku remote control comes with the latest streaming player. It uses WiFi connection, and not comes with IR-blaster. So, you can point anywhere, to use this kind of remote.

Identify – What type of Remote control does your Roku device use?.

Before start using solutions to fix Roku remote not working issue. First, you need to identify, Which type of Roku Remote are you using. You can identify your Roku Remote with certain aspects. Even, A complete guide also available on Roku Official site, with the comparison. But you don’t need that guide, read these simple points to Identify.

– As I mentioned earlier, that standard Roku Remote uses invisible infra-red light. That helps to transmit the Remote key presses.

So, If you have a standard IR remote then check the upper side of the remote. You will able to see IR-blaster, which looks similar to small LED light.

– To identify enhanced remote – The First time when you start using it, It will ask you to pair with Roku Player or TV.

One more thing, which might help you to understand your remote type. Enhanced remote comes with a pairing button. Which you can see by opening Battery compartment.

Fix – Roku Remote Not Working.

These are some basic solutions, which applies to any kind of Roku remote.

Solution: 1 Restart Roku and re-connect stick.

Sometimes Roku Player get stuck, and that could be the reason, behind Roku Remote stopped working. Unfortunately, there isn’t any manual button to reboot Roku. But, still, you can perform system restart by going into this settings.

Settings> System > System Restart.Roku System Restart.

After restarting the system, if still your Roku remote won’t work. Then, you need to remove the streaming stick from TV. Now, Turn off your TV, and then re-connect Roku Stick and start TV.

This solution works most of the time If the issue is with Roku streaming player.

Solution: 2 Change the batteries.

This is the common solution, and you already know about it. But the thing that you don’t know is, you need alkaline batteries for your Roku Remote. Maybe recently, you have changed your remote battery. And after few days, “Roku remote stop working”.

This is happening because you’re using normal Batteries. Normal (Regular Dry Battery) does not work longer, in an Enhanced remote. Because enhanced remote uses WiFi to transmit button presses.

– Before buying the alkaline battery, First, use any normal battery. If remote start working again, then buy the alkaline battery for longer uses.

Solution: 3 Use HDMI Extender Cable.

If you are using, HDMI streaming stick, and if it’s connected directly to the TV. Then you need an HDMI Extender Cable. Roku officially recommends it as troubleshoot check, if Roku Streaming Stick remote not working.

Solution: 4 – Fix Standard IR Remote.

Best way to check IR-Remote working or not. – If you’re using standard IR Remote, then you can easily check, the remote is working or Not. To check Standard IR Remote, you need a smartphone with the camera.The smartphone camera is capable to see the light wavelengths. Human eyes aren’t capable to see these kinds of light wavelengths.

To check the Roku Remote, point the Roku Remote in front of a smartphone camera. And then press any key from the Roku Remote. When you will press any remote key, you will able to see light in Camera. If there isn’t any light blinking, that means Roku Remote is damaged.

After checking IR Remote from the camera, if you are able to see light. That means you’re not pointing the Roku Remote in the correct direction. And, that is the reason behind Roku Remote not Working.

– Make sure there isn’t any visible obstruction between Roku device and Roku remote.

– Point Roku Remote from approx 10-15 centimeter distance, and press any remote key. Because, If the battery is low, then from less distance, Roku remote can Work.

If still your Roku stick remote not working, then download App and try with Android device. Make sure your smartphone has IR blaster, otherwise App will not work.

– The app is working correctly that means, the problem is with your Remote. You can buy a new Remote online or from any offline store.

– And, if App is not working, then the problem is on your Roku Streaming Player. You need to reset your Roku device.

Resetting the Roku is the last and final solution. So, before resetting the Roku device. Make sure, there isn’t any issue with the Remote and it’s working correctly.

Solution: 5 – Fix Enhanced Roku Remote.

Enhanced point anywhere remote uses a wireless network, that’s why you don’t need to point it. And, that’s why you can’t check it with the smartphone camera. The first possible cause of, Roku remote not working is – Pairing issue. Wireless Remote require pairing, and sometimes it gets Disconnected.

That’s why the first solution that you need to try is re-pair the Roku Remote.

Pair Roku Remote.

If you have already done it during the first setup, then you know how to do it. Still, follow this small instruction to re-pair your remote.

  • Turn off Roku and remove the power cable.
  • Now, Remove batteries from your Roku remote.
  • After a minute, connect power cable again and start Roku. And, when the home screen appears on screen, place the battery inside the remote.
  • To pair remote, hold pairing button for few seconds. Until the remote light starts flashing.
  • Now, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds. To pair your Remote with Roku Device.
  • After 30 seconds pairing dialog will appear on the screen, follow the instructions.

Change the Battery.

Apart from pairing issue, the one more problem can occur in remote – that is the battery issues.

So, if you want to replace the battery, to check remote is working or not. Then follow above-mentioned re-pairing remote steps. And, while pairing the remote, you can change the battery.

Roku App.

The final thing, Which you can do to fix “Roku Remote not Working” problem.Roku App.

Roku App for Android

Roku App for iOS.

If after trying all above solution, still your Roku 3 remote not working. Then, you don’t need to worry about it. Download Roku App from App store, and use it as Roku remote alternative. Or, you can buy a new Roku Enhanced remote from Roku Store.