Logitech G HUB stuck on loading screen? Here’s Solution

Logitech G Hub stuck on loading screen

There are two software options available to customize and set up your Logitech gaming peripherals. Which is Logitech Gaming Software and Logitech G Hub. Both are quite good and do the same things. Though, Logitech G Hub is a modern version and supports the latest Logitech peripherals. Also, it comes with Discord integrations, and, OBS integration for streaming. But, even after a year of its release, it is not stable. Many users are reporting that Logitech G Hub stuck on the loading screen.

Logitech G Hub stuck on loading screen animation
Means, whenever, user tries to open GHUB, it gets stuck on the spinning G logo loading animation. Well, if you’re also experiencing the same, no worries, we’re here to help. You will get to know a permanent solution to this issue.

Why is Logitech G Hub not loading?

Logitech G Hub is dependent on certain services related to it. And, when those services do not get administrator privileges to run in the background. Then, G Hub will get stuck on the loading animation. Because the software waits for those services to run. Mainly, if LGHub Updater Service is disabled due to any reason, then, G-Hub won’t load.

Logitech G Hub stuck on loading screen – Permanent Solution.

Start Logitech G Hub Services.

If G Hub gets stuck while in logo animation loops, then try the following method to fix.

IMPORTANT: After resolving this issue by following this solution. Please do follow the permanent fix, else the problem will occur again.

1. First, Close Logitech G Hub App Window. After that, from the task tray, right-click on the “G HUB” App icon, and then click on quit.


Quit Logitech G HUB

2. Now, open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut.

3. In Task Manager, look for LGHUB, LGHUB Agent, and LGHUB Updater process. Right-Click on each process one by one and then click End task.


End LGHUB Processes

Note: It might possible that you don’t find any process in Task Manager related to G HUB. No need to worry, just follow the next step.

4. Once, you end all processes related to GHUB, Navigate to the following directory.

C:\Program Files\LGHUB

5. And, do run these applications as an administrator, in order:


For Instance – Right-Click on lghub_updater.exe and then click on “Run as administrator”.

Run G HUB Files as administrator

That’s it, After running the first three executable files – when you run the lghub.exe file. Logitech G Hub App will now get open, and the logo spinning issue will get resolved.

G Hub App is not showing any Logitech gaming peripherals, what to do?

If G Hub App doesn’t show any connected Logitech devices. Then, you just need to unplug the USB Cable of that device and do connect again.

Enable LGHUB Updater Service. (Permanent Solution.)

Wait! This problem is not permanently fixed now. If you restart your Windows PC, Logitech G Hub will again get stuck on the loading screen. You have to force the “LGHUB Updater Service” to automatically run whenever you start Windows.

1. Again do open Task Manager. Click on Startup.

2. In Startup services, look for LGHUB, check the status of it.

If it is disabled, then right-click on it, and then click on Enable.

Logitech G HUB stuck on loading screen - Enable LGHUB in Task Manager

3. Now, Press Windows + R Key to open Run Dialog Box.

Type services.msc in run dialog and press enter.

Open Services in Window

4. Services window will get open.

Find LGHUB Updater Service and then right-click on it, after that, click on properties.

Open LGHUB Updater Properties

5. Select “Automatic” in startup type. Click on Apply and then click on ok.

Logitech G HUB stuck on loading screen - LGHUB Updater Automatic

6. Again, Right-Click on LGHUB Updater Service and then click on Start.

Start LGHUB Updater Service

7. There is one last thing you need to do is, open the LGHUB folder again. Open the same directory.

8. Right-Click on lghub.exe and then click on properties. Click on Compatibility.

And, mark “Run this program as an administrator” option. Click on Apply and then Ok.

Run Logitech G HUB as an administrator

Do the same with rest three executable files. (lghub_updater.exe, lghub_agent.exe, logi_crashpad_handler.exe)

That’s it Logitech G Hub, is not loading, the problem will now never occur again. You can test by restarting Windows.

Re-Install Logitech G HUB.

Hopefully, Logitech G HUB not starting, the problem is resolved now for you. If still not, then go to the control panel and uninstall. Now, download the latest version of Logitech G HUB from their official site. And, install it on your PC. Also, follow permanent fix, else the issue can occur again.