Mute Microphone using Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

Mute Microphone using Keyboard Shortcut

Most of the keyboards come with a specific key to mute/unmute the speakers. And, if there isn’t any specific key, you can find media controls options in function keys. For example, on my keyboard, the F4 key is dedicated to mute the sound. So, by pressing it with the Fn key, I can mute and unmute speakers. But, there is not any keyboard key to mute the microphone. Because you can control microphone access through Windows settings easily. And, the mic only gets turn on when an application accesses it. But, in Windows 10, when an application does access a microphone, you can see a mic icon in the Taskbar. And, you can even disable mic permission for that Application by going into Windows 10 Settings App > Privacy > Microphone.

Even, chrome browser comes with an option to disable microphone access. But, it could be possible that a third-party Application or site is using your mic. In that case, disabling the mic is a good idea if it’s not in use. But, disable/enable microphone access from the settings App is time-consuming. So, In this article, you will get to know a way to mute the mic using a keyboard Shortcut.

Mute Microphone using Keyboard Shortcut.

1. Mute Microphone using a Keyboard Shortcut.

Though, there are some ways to create a Keyboard Shortcut to mute the mic. But, not that easy. So, I will suggest you install this free application, ‘MicMute’. After installing this small application, you will be able to mute the mic using any Keyboard key. That means you can configure any keyboard key you want. MicMute application runs in this taskbar and adds a microphone icon. The icon is to show the status of the microphone. If the mic icon is red, that means the mic is ‘on’. And, if it’s black, that means ‘off’.

Apart from mute mic using a Keyboard shortcut, some other helpful features also feature this application. For example, MicMute App can mute the microphone at startup. And, it does detect all audio input devices. “Push to talk” feature also available. But, this means the mic will only work when a key is pressed or held.

How to mute a microphone in Windows 10 using Hotkey.

1. Download the MicMute Application from the SourceForge site. And, Install it on your Windows 10 Computer.

2. After completing the installation, you will see a mic icon on the right side of the Taskbar.

3. Right-Click on the MicMute icon from the system tray. And, then click on Setup Shortcut.

MicMute Setup Shortcut

4. A small configure window will appear, click on it. And, press the keyboard key that you want to use. And, click on ok.

Set Mute Microphone Keyboard Shortcut

(You can also create a key combination. The keyboard can recognize normal keys as well as special keys on the keyboard.)

5. Every time, you mute and unmute the microphone using a keyboard key. You will receive an alert on the Desktop.

Mic On and Off

If your microphone is not getting mute with the Application. Then, you have to configure it from Devices. (Just right-click on the App icon to access devices settings.)

Select Microphone in MicMute App

After selecting the right microphone keyboard shortcuts will start working.

2. PowerToys (Video Conference Mute)

Microsoft PowerToys is a suite of utilities that maximizes the productivity of Windows systems; it’s free. Recently, Microsoft has introduced the Video Conference Mute utility in the experimental version of PowerToys. It allows users to turn off the microphone alongside the webcam using the keyboard shortcuts. You have to install the experimental version of PowerToys and enable Video Conference Mute feature in it. After that, you can use shortcuts shown in the App.

1. First, download the Experimental version of PowerToys from Github. (Check assets section for setup file.)

2. Once it gets downloaded, install it in your system.  (Don’t forget to enable the “Automatically start PowerToys at logon option during installation.)

Install PowerToys on Windows PC

3. Open PowerToys App and click on settings. First-time PowerToys will get open in user mode. To open it with administrator privileges, click on “Restart as administrator” from general settings. Once it gets restart, do enable the “Always run as administrator” option.

Enable Administrator mode in PowerToys

4. Now, go to Video Conference Mute and Enable Video Conference.

Enable Video Conference Mute

5. After that, select your camera and microphone so that you can turn it off using keyboard shortcuts.

Configure camera and microphone settings

On the same page, you will find three shortcuts that you can use.

Mute camera and microphone - Win + N
Mute Mic - Win + Shift + A
Mute Camera - Win + Shift + O

6. So, that’s how you can mute your microphone with a webcam using PowerToys.

3. Disable Microphone Access for Applications.

Suppose you want to disable mic access for a specific Windows App. Then, you can easily do that from Windows 10 settings App. You don’t have to install any third-party application for it.

1. Press Windows + I key to open the Settings App. Click on Privacy.

2. From the right-pane, under App permissions, click on Microphone.

3. Click on Change and Turn off Microphone Acess.Disable Microphone Access from Windows 10 Settings App

Also, you can find two sections Microsoft Apps and Desktop Apps. You can disable the mic for any specific Microsoft App. But, for Desktop Apps, there is a global button. If you turn it off, all Desktop App will not be able to access the mic.

4. Use the Realtek Audio Console.

Suppose Realtek Audio driver is installed on your Windows 10 PC. Then, with the Realtek Audio Control, you can mute Mic. You can download it from the Microsoft Store. Just install the App, and then mark the “Mute” option. That’s it; the Microphone will get muted.

Mute Microphone - Realtek Audio Console

This is better than going into the Settings App. You just have to keep this App always open. That’s it, so these are the ways to mute the microphone using a Keyboard shortcut.