Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome.

Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome

Almost all modern browsers are hiding the “https://” and “www.”, from the web address. Google Chrome has started this trend of hiding URL. And, does show full URLs only when you click twice in the address field. Well, many users didn’t like this new change. And, due to that, Chrome developers decided to add “Always show full URLs” option in address bar context menu. But still, to get this option, you have to enable a Chrome Flag.Hidden URL in Google Chrome

What are Chrome Flags?.

If you’re not aware, Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t currently part of the browser by default. Chrome flags aren’t for regular users, it is for developers. Flags include those features that are still in testing and aren’t stable. So, don’t enable unnecessary features in flags, which you’re not aware of. Well, flags can change the way you browse the web.

Few Chromium-based browsers natively offer the option to always show the Full URLs. Even, classic Opera 12 successor, Vivaldi, comes with a checkbox in its settings. Well, soon this feature will available publicly in Google Chrome’s next update. But, you don’t need to wait for that, just follow these instructions to enable this flag. And, Chrome will start showing full URLs in the address bar.

Always Show Full URLs in Google Chrome.

Enable Chrome Flag.

1. Enter the following URL in the Chrome address bar to directly access that flag.


2. You”ll see “Context menu show full URLs” flag is highlighted. Click on the drop-down menu next to it, and select “Enabled”.

3. Click on “Relaunch Chrome”.Enable Always Show Flag - Relaunch Chrome

That’s it, Chrome will get restarted. Make sure all you have saved the data on the webpages before clicking on Relaunch. All chrome tabs will get restored, but you will lose information that you typed on webpages forms.

Enable Always show Full URLs option.

To do that, right-click on the Chrome’s address bar and select “Always show full URLs”. You can disable it from the same context menu, without going into flags settings.Always show full URLs in Context menu

That’s it, Open any URL and you will see full URL in address bar. No need to double-click to view URL fully.Full URL in Google Chrome

It might be possible that in future this flag gets removed because it’s an experimental feature. But, I hope, developers will remove the flag and keep the option in the context menu. So that users don’t need to mess with flags.