Audio Services Not Responding – Microsoft has added various troubleshooter in Windows, for various problems. And, these troubleshooter helps to fix Windows issue by the user itself. But, sometimes troubleshooter just shows error information. And, doesn’t fix the issue by itself. Recently, after a Windows update, lots of Windows users started facing Audio issue. And, troubleshooter was just showing “Audio services not responding” error. So, if you’re facing a similar error, then this article is for you. In this article, you will get to know some working solutions.

Though, there isn’t any specific reason behind this error. This error can occur due to multiple reasons. Like, due to incompatible and out-dated sound driver, faulty Windows update, or it could be third-party software interference. Some users are reporting that when they hover the mouse pointer over speaker icon. Then, the audio service is not running, the message does appear. Well, whatever is the error you’re facing. This article will help you to fix all sound related problem in Windows 10.

Fix: Audio Services Not Responding.

Note: Before trying out any software related solutions. I suggest you check all your audio components. Sometimes, faulty hardware creates conflicts with software. Also, read my article on “No Audio Output Device is Installed“.

Restart Audio Services.

The error clearly indicates that the problem is with Audio Services. So, by restarting audio services we can fix the problem. Though, the error is not occurring only because of any single Audio service. The error can occur due to multiple Audio services. So, we are gonna restart all Audio-related services. Also, by setting up startup type to automatic, we can fix the problem permanently. Means, next time you won’t need to start services manually.

1. Press Windows + R key simultaneously to open run Window.

2. Type services.msc and press enter. (Windows services Window will get open now.)

3. Now, look for the following Audio services. And, restart each mentioned audio services by right-clicking.

  • AudioDeviceService.
  • Windows Audio.
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.
  • Plug and Play.

Restart All Audio Services

Set Startup type Automatic.

1. Right-Click on Audio service, then click on properties.

2. Now in startup type drop-down menu, make sure ‘Automatic’ is selected. (Do this for all Audio services mentioned above.) Windows Audio Service Startup Type Automatic

That’s it. This solution will solve “Audio Services Not Responding” Error. If it doesn’t try the next solution.

Check System Configuration.

With the help of system configuration Window. You can decide, which service can run on next Windows start, and which not. I suggest you check all these audio services are selected or not.

1. Open Run Window Again. (Win + R)

2. Type msconfig.exe and press enter.

3. System configuration Window will get open. Click on Services tab.

4. Here you can check all Audio services are selected or not.System Configuration Services

Check Dependent Services.

Some Windows system services depend on other services. So, if other services are not working. Then, the main service will also not work, even if it’s running. Windows Audio service also depends on some other services. So, you have to make sure those services are running or not.

1. Open Services Window again.

2. Find the “Windows Audio” service, and right-click on it. Then, click on properties.

3. In properties Window, Click on dependencies tab.

Here you will able to see two services.

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher.
  • RPC Endpoint Mapper.
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.

Windows Audio Dependent Services

4. Now, close properties Window, and first look for these two services. And, restart these services and make their startup type to automatic.

After that, restart the Windows Audio service again. And, then restart your Computer. That’s it. Hopefully, this solution will fix, Audio services not responding problem.

Execute commands using PS.

If by restarting Audio services, this error doesn’t get resolved. Then, you can try this solution. This solution is suggested by a Windows Forum user. Though, I don’t find this solution related to this problem. But, still, you can give it a try.

1. In Windows 10, Press Windows + X key simultaneously to open the WinX menu.

From the menu, Click on Windows PowerShell(Admin).

2. Windows PowerShell will get open. Type the following commands. And, press Enter after each command.

  • net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
  • net localgroup Administrators /add localserviceRun These Commands

3. After executing both commands, type exit and press enter. And, now restart your Windows to apply changes.

Reinstall Audio Drivers.

The device driver is basically a computer program, that operates a particular connected device. And, if something is wrong with Windows Audio. Then, it could possible that Audio drivers are corrupted, incompatible. In this case, reinstalling and updating the driver is the best solution.

Reinstall existing driver.

Before trying to update the driver. First, you can try to reinstall the pre-installed audio driver.

1. In Windows 10, Right-Click on start button then click on Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, Expand “Sound, video and game controllers” option.

It could possible that there are multiple Audio drivers are installed. But, I suggest you look for Realtek Audio Drivers.

3. RIght-Click on “Realtek Audio” driver, and then click on Uninstall device option.

Now, restart Windows, and on restart Windows will automatically install the Audio driver again. If not, then in device manager, click on the “scan for hardware changes” option.

Update Audio Driver.

Though, there are two ways to update Audio driver. Either, you can use device manager or can install drivers manually.

Use Device Manager.

1. To update the driver using device manager. Right-Click on audio driver then click on “Update Driver” option.Update Audio Drivers

2. In Update drivers Window, Click on “search automatically for updated driver software” option.

Install Driver Software Manually.

If, Audio services not responding, error coming in Windows 10 laptop. Then, open the manufacturer site of your laptop. Search for the model number of your laptop and then download Audio Drivers.

If the problem occurring in your new PC Build. Then, Open motherboard manufacturer site to download Audio drivers.

Alternatively, you can check Windows update for the audio drivers.

Uninstall Recent Windows Update.

According to some Windows user, this error is occurring after a recent Windows Update. And, Windows allows the user to uninstall last Windows update. So, if Audio services not responding, the problem is occurring after the Windows update. Then, I suggest you uninstall Windows update. Though, it could also possible that driver got outdated because of new Windows update. So, first, try the above solution.

1. Open Control Panel > Click on Uninstall a program.

2. From the left pane click on “View installed updates”.Uninstall Recent Windows Update


3. Here, you will able to see all the installed update. Check the date of the last update. And, if you think the problem started after that last update. Then, you can uninstall that update by right-clicking on it.

Modify Registry Value Data.

I suggest you follow the instructions mentioned only this article. Don’t make any other changes by yourself in the registry editor. Else you will face many problems.
1. Open Run Window, type regedit, and press enter.
2. In Registry Editor open the following directory.
3. Now, look for ServiceDll and make sure the following value data is saved.
Modify Audio Registry Value Data
If not then you can modify by right-clicking on it. After modifying the registry data, restart your Computer.

Run these Audio troubleshooters.

I can understand, the Audio troubleshooter is showing this error. But still, there are some other Audio Troubleshooter. Which exists in Control Panel.

1. Open Control Panel > In view by, click on large icons.

2. Click on Troubleshooting > View All.

From here run these troubleshooters.

  • Playing Audio.
  • Recording Audio.
  • Video Playback.

Run Audio Troubleshooter

If none of this troubleshooter helps. Then, I suggest you reinstall Windows. Reinstalling Windows is quite easy. And, there are multiple guides available on the internet. But, don’t forget to create the backup of your important data. Also, try the Audio device in another Computer.