How to fix bad pool header Windows 10. (SOLVED)

bad pool header Windows 10

I am using Windows OS since Windows 7 releases. And, from then to now, still, dozens of users are facing BSOD errors. Even, I have faced many times “blue screen of death” errors. These errors are quite annoying. Because when this error occurs, Computer gets stuck into a boot loop. And, if you’re able to start Windows after BSOD error, then it’s easy for you to solve these errors. Recently, many Windows users are facing “bad pool header Windows 10” error. Though, there are many technical blogs providing solutions to fix this error.

But, unfortunately, those solutions not even work. Some solutions mentioned by tech forum is good. But, solutions aren’t described in a proper way. So, this article completely dedicated to fixing “bad_pool_header” error from the root. Before start telling you about solutions, first, you need to understand the cause behind this error.

Causes behind this BSOD error.

Although, “Windows 10 bad pool header” error not only comes due to some software issues. Also, in some cases, the error occurs due to some faulty hardware. So, we can’t determine the actual cause behind this error. But, here are some causes, which users are telling on Windows forums.

  • Outdated or faulty device drivers issue.
  • Antivirus Program or due to recently install software.
  • External devices.
  • Due to recently added hardware. (Specifically RAM)
  • Overclocking.
  • And, due to some memory allocation issues.

Boot Windows in Safe Mode.

If after BSOD error, your PC is stuck into the boot loop. And, error coming continuously. Then, you need to boot your computer into the safe mode. Safe mode only allows booting essential services to boot. So, if this error is coming due to any software/driver or faulty hardware. Then, in safe mode, you will not face this error.

You can get safe mode options by pressing the F8 key repeatedly at Windows startup. Though, In the latest version of Windows, this doesn’t work. But, there are other ways to boot, which you can find out easily by searching.


IMPORTANT: I have written three articles on BSOD errors. That’s why some solutions I have mentioned in my previous article. Which, I am not writing again. So, please read those solutions also. (Fix IRQL not less or equal Windows 10.)

Solutions to fix “Bad pool header Windows 10”.

Solution: 1 Remove external devices.

Let’s start this list with some basic solutions. Because, sometimes problems are small, we make it big by messing up with things. If you have connected the external hard drive or any device through HDMI port. Then, it could be the reason behind the “Bad pool header Windows 10” error.

So, first turn off Computer, by holding the power key. Now, disconnect all unnecessary external devices. If using a laptop then, remove power cable also. After that, start your Computer normally, hopefully, the error will get resolved. If not, then try out next solution from this list.


Solution: 2 Remove recently added hardware. (Or faulty RAM)

Bad pool header Windows 10 error is related to memory. And, the error can occur when you’re using faulty RAM. Have you added an extra RAM stick in your Computer? Then remove it to fix this error permanently. If you’re using a different frequency and latency RAM, then BSOD error occurs. And, if you have added any other piece of hardware then also remove it. And, if you have not added RAM or any other hardware component. Then, still, I suggest you remove the RAM stick, clean it and then put it back. Don’t wash the RAM stick. 😛Remove recently added hardware

Solution: 3 Uninstall Antivirus Program.

I can’t tell you the exact reason behind disabling the antivirus program to fix this BSOD error. In many Windows forums, users are telling that. By disabling the antivirus program, error got vanished. So, if you had installed any third party Antivirus program, then disable it temporary. If you don’t know how to disable it. Then, boot into safe mode and then uninstall that program.

And, you don’t need to install the third-party program, like Malwarebytes in Windows 10. Because Windows 10 comes with “virus and threat protection”.

Solution: 4 Update or remove the faulty driver.

In Computer, device drivers do play an important role. Drivers software controls specific devices, that is attached to the Computer. And, if you have installed faulty or malicious driver code for a device. Then BSOD errors like “Bad Pool Header Windows 10” can occur and create some big problems like the boot loop.

So, to fix driver related problems. First turn off your Computer and then boot into the safe mode.

In Safe mode, open device manager. (Press Windows + R key and then type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.Open Device Manager

In device manager, first, check if there is a yellow mark on any device driver.

Note: A small yellow icon in device manager indicates that. The driver is outdated or driver software is not installed for that device.

Now, right click on that device, and then click on “update driver”. (Don’t forget to expand and check each device in the device manager.)

Solution: 5 Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Though, It is a basic tool by Microsoft, to check RAM is working properly or not. But still, it is quite helpful to detect bad and faulty RAM or some memory problems.

To use this tool by Microsoft follows these instructions.

1. Boot your Computer into safe mode.

2. Press Windows + R key then type mdsched and then press enter.

3. Now, a small window will get open. Click on “Restart now and check for problems”.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

4. After the restart, select memory test option by pressing F1. Or, do nothing, the test will start automatically.

After the test gets complete you can see result Window. Also, you can use event viewer to see test results. And, hopefully, this solution will fix “bad pool header Windows 10” error.

Solution: 6 Disable fast Startup.

The hybrid boot is known as the fast startup. In Windows, by default, this option comes enabled. So, if you’re facing “Bad_pool_header Windows 10” error at startup. Then by disabling this option, you can get rid of from this BSOD error.

1. Open Control Panel and then select the “Large Icons” option in View by section. (Check the right side of Control Panel)

2. After that click on Power Options, then click on “Choose what the power button does”.

3. Now, you can find fast startup option, but you can’t able to make changes in it. To do that, first, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.Uncheck the Fast Startup Option

After that, you can unmark fast startup option to disable it. And, then click on save changes.

Note: If BSOD error is stopping you to access Windows. And, error screen coming repeatedly, then use safe mode.

Solution: 7 Perform a Clean boot.

If the error screen is coming after a few minutes of startup. Then, there is a startup service which is responsible for this error. So, open task manager and then disable all startup services. Though, there are many guides available on the internet to perform a clean boot. But, still, I am telling you it in a few steps.

1. Press Windows + R key and then type “msconfig” and press enter.

2. In the system configuration window, select “Selective startup” option. Then unmark “load startup items” option.

3. Go to the service tab, select “hide all Microsoft services” option. Then click on “disable all” option. After that click on OK.Hide all microsoft services

So, if apart from Microsoft services, if any other service is responsible for this error. Then after restarting the computer, the error will get resolved.

But if the error still coming. Then, I suggest you reinstall Windows using bootable media. That’s it, these are the solutions, which you can try to fix this bad pool header Windows 10 BSOD Error.