How to Create Multiboot USB to Boot Multiple OS using a USB Drive.

Multiboot USB

Multiboot USB – If you ever Installed any Operating System on the computer then you know there are two ways to install OS. First one is by using a Bootable DVD and another is by creating a Bootable USB Drive. It’s very easy to Burn ISO to USB Drive by using various tool Rufus, Windows USB DVD tool and Disk Creator in Linux.

Nowadays, There is multiple version available of the same operating system, Each OS comes with its unique features. And it’s not a Good Idea to waste USB for every new operating system. Yes, You can format USB Drive and then Burn new ISO to Drive, But it takes time. Here is a solution, You can put all ISO files on one flash drive and can create Multiboot USB.

It’s not hard to create Multiboot USB Because there is various software available that allows creating. So, here am going to tell you about some best tool/software that you can use.

Prerequisites to Create Multiboot USB.

USB Drive – Use minimum 16GB USB Drive, Because most operating system comes at the size of around 4 GB.

Multiple OS ISO File – You can burn Linux, Windows, and Android at the same USB drive. So download all ISO (OS File) first, that you want to run on your Computer.

Best Software to Create Multiple OS Bootable USB Drive.


WinSetupFromUSB is the first windows program which helps in prepare Multiboot USB or fixed disk. It doesn’t matter you’re using UEFI or Legacy BIOS mode, the software creates bootable USB for both. By using this software you can add these OS into USB Stick –

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7,8,10
  • Linux ISO / other Grub4dos compatible ISO.

Overall you can add Linux and Windows in a Single USB Drive. (You can check the official site for More Information.)

Create Multiboot USB using WinSetupFromUSB.

Step: 1 You don’t need to Install this software on your computer, All you need to Extract using 7Zip Software. After Extracting setup File, Now open extracted folder and you’ll get two setup option. One is for 32-bit windows and other is for 64 bit.

To check which version of windows you are using. – Right click on My Computer > Properties > System type.Multiboot USB - WinSetupFromUSB

Step: 2 Connect USB Drive and Run compatible software version, Software window will open. Mark Auto format it with Fbinst > Mark which window and Linux you’re going to Burn into USB Drive > Use Select option to choose ISO File > Click on Go. The installation process will start and it takes 10-20 minutes according to your PC.


This is another software to Create Multi – Boot USB Drive, Known as “your universal multi-boot installer”. Apart from multiple Linux OS, you can create a Bootable USB flash drive containing Antivirus utilities, Disc cloning, diagnostic tools and much more. It uses SysLinux to boot Linux distribution on the computer and reverts to grub to multiple ISO files.Multiboot USB - YUMI

Apart from few Linux distros, all files stored in multi-boot folder, create a nicely organized USB Drive. So you can use the drive for other storage purposes also. Creating Multiboot drive isn’t hard with YUMI, because the software is somehow similar to Rufus, Means no installation required.


XBoot is a well-known alternative of Rufus, It is small Windows Application that allows creating bootable USB Drive. Apart from Bootable Drive, you can create ISO of operating system files. Software supports 40 system utilities, Linux Distributions, and some antivirus rescue disk program. The Best thing about XBoot is, If you don’t have ISO file of any OS then software also provides download links.Multiboot USB - XBoot

Creating Bootable Drive is the easiest process with XBoot, All you need to do is drop all ISO files. And after that click on “Create USB” option and it will take around 10-20 to complete the process. Want to check bootable USB or ISO working or not, then you can use QEMU utility. QEMU is a machine emulator virtualization tool which allows to load and run bootable ISO. There is one more advanced feature also available which allows editing Multiboot USB config files. Xboot also gives the option to choose between SysLinux and Grub4dos.


Still, there is some other Multiboot USB creator available like Easy2Boot. But provides almost same functionality, If you’re still confused which software you should try then download XBoot. Because apart from Burn multiple ISO to USB Drive you can run in the virtual environment. That’s all folks If you know any other better software feel free to comment.

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