Many people still don’t know that sites are also a best way to make money. You can earn in many ways through sites. And, to earn more money, many websites uses slideshows. The more slideshow you will open, the more money site owner will earn. Though, slideshows are good, and provide clean reading experience for some articles. But, some web owner put slideshow to get more impression per page. So, it’s better to deslide the slideshows.

Personally, I close content which contains slideshows. Because, to read next lines and see image you have to click on next. Which consume much time. But sometimes, we can’t skip, if content is important. Slideshow articles also consume much internet, in comparison of a normal article. If you also want to read an important content, that contains slideshows. Then, here are some ways to remove slideshow from Website.

Deslide – Remove Slideshow from Website.

Create PDF.

If the whole article content is available on the same page. And, web owner is using the new slideshow feature. Then, you can read article by creating PDF. To create PDF of an web article. You can use print preview option. Remember, this solution will not work if web owner is using left-right slideshows.

  1. Press Ctrl + P key.
    2. Click on “Change” button. And, choose “save as PDF” option.
    3. After that, click on save option.
    4. You can read PDF file using Chrome Web Browser.

Slideshow Deslidefier.

This is the best site to remove slideshows from any sites. It is basically an online tool to extract content from a web-page. This tool provides multiple options like small images, big images, image URLs. If you just want to remove slides then you can choose “Small images + titles + text”. This site is also quite helpful, if a site contains big images. Because, you can extract images into small size. This website supports almost 2,000 sites. Even, if a site is not added into support list. Still you can extract content and remove slideshows.

1. Open Desl(dot)de site. (Replace (dot) with . )

2. Select right option according to your need. (If you don’t know what to choose. Don’t make changes.)

3. Copy and paste URL in Slideshow URL box.

Now, just click on the “deslide!”.

Slideshow Deslidefier

Note: The online tool takes time, according to the number of slides containing in the site.


Create Bookmark.

If you don’t want to go through all above process. Then, you can create an javascript bookmark. Which will help you remove slideshow with only one click.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + O to open bookmarks page in Chrome.

2. From the right side of bookmark window. Click on vertical three dots > Add new bookmark.

3. In add bookmark Window, enter “slideshow remover” in name section.

4. And, in URL box enter javascript code. And, then click on save button.Create Slideshow Remover Bookmark

(Check bookmarlet section for the official site of desli(dot)de. To copy javascript, right-click and then click on “copy link address”. You can also check comment section for javascript.)

Now, open any site which contains multiple slideshows. And, then you just need to click on “slideshow remover” option from bookmark bar.

Print Friendly.

This is another best online tool to remove the slideshow. Basically this site helps users to make any site print friendly. Also, allows users to create PDF of any web page. Best part is like above tool, you don’t need to create bookmark manually. Because there is an “PrintFriendly & PDF” chrome and Firefox extension available. Which will help you to remove slideshow and create PDF with one click. You can access this tool in extension toolbar after adding it.

To manually removing the slideshow. First, open “printfriendly” site.

Now, copy and paste URL, and, just click on preview option.

Print Friendly

That’s it. Though this tool doesn’t work on some slideshow sites. So, if it doesn’t work then try next in the list.

PageZipper Extension. (For Chrome and Firefox.)

This is the one of the best deslide tool known as PageZipper. As name describe, it helps to zip a series of pages into one page. In other words, this tool merge slideshow pages. So that you don’t need to click on next button to read next few lines of an article.

Though, On a few pages PageZipper doesn’t work. By few pages means, if a site is using javascript for the next page. Instead of normal link. Then, PageZipper will not able to search next content through next buttton. If the extension doesn’t work on a webpage. Then, you can add it on official site “printwhatyoulike”.

How to use PageZipper?.Page Zipper - PrintWhatYouLike

Just Install PageZipper extension from Chrome Web Store. And, then open the website that contains annoying slideshows. After that, just click on Page-Zipper icon from extension toolbar. That’s it. Alternatively, you can use printwhatyoulike site. That works same like the first tool deslide. You can also create bookmarklet.

Summing – up. – Deslide.

So these are the sites and extensions to remove slideshow from any web page. Personally, I use desl(dot)de site. But, I suggest you to use PageZipper extension. Because, you don’t need to copy and paste URL. All you have to do is just install extension and visit that web page. And, all work will get done with one click on extension. If you know about any other site, then feel free to comment.

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