Increase Productivity by adding these Accessories to your Mac

Mac Accessories to Increase Productivity

Macs come packed with excellent features like Split View, Continuity Camera, Universal Control, Stage Manager, and others that focus on enhancing user productivity. But if you are still finding more ways to take your productivity several notches higher, getting these Mac accessories will help.

Best Mac Accessories to Increase Productivity

Compact Charger

The default MacBook charger is good for charging your device. But if you want your charger to do more than just charge your device, you can get a compact charger like an Anker PowerPort charger. This compact charger offers another USB-C connector that allows you to charge another device, along with your Mac. Therefore, you can speed up your workflow as you can simultaneously charge other devices.

Quickly Transfer Photos with a Card Reader

You can get a card reader designer for quickly transferring photos. Vanja card reader is considered one of the best in this category for MacBooks.

The card reader can easily read MicroSD and SD cards while transferring the images to a computer due to its USB 2.0 and USB-C port options. In addition, since the card reader is small, you can easily carry it around and quickly finish photo transferring.

USB Drive to Store Files (If you don’t want to Access the Cloud)

You can access iCloud whenever you want, but accessibility might be limited if you don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection.

Instead of trying to access clouds in the file, you can get a USB flash drive and transfer your essential files and documents. This is particularly useful if your work entails giving presentations in remote areas.

One of the best options in this category is SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive, which offers USB-A and USB-C connectors. Therefore, you can plug into any device and quickly transfer files, documents, and more between computers.

Furthermore, USB drives offer 100GB+ storage.

External or Second Monitor

Split View is an excellent option to use two apps simultaneously on your Mac, or you can use your Apple iPad’s Sidecar feature to use your iPad as a second display for your computer.

But when you want to work with multiple windows and need more screen real estate, the best option will be to get a second monitor. Whether using one or multiple external displays with your Mac, you may need an adapter or video cable for each display.

Once the external monitors are connected, you can choose whether to use them for video mirroring or an extended desktop.

Mac not recognizing external monitor is a common problem encountered by Mac users. If you encounter the same issue, check the cables and ensure they are not damaged. Also, review the ports and ensure they don’t have dust or other particles causing issues. Finally, if everything seems alright, restart your Mac to solve the problem.

Avoid Cord Hassles with Earbuds

If you want to boost your productivity, eliminate the hassles of cords. Clear your desk and focus on your work by using earbuds.

Earbuds are known to deliver outstanding sound, and they connect via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can complete other chores while attending an official meeting via call. For example, you can move around the room since there are no cords or wires that you have to worry about. Also, earbuds have a touch control to play, pause or skip music and answer calls.

Mouse for Easy Navigation

Trackpad gestures are tremendous, and mastering them means you don’t have to move your hands from the keyboard. However, the accessibility and ease of a wireless mouse are underappreciated.

Whether you are designing or playing games professionals, getting a mouse can ensure ease of movement across the system.

All-in-one Screen Cleaning Kit

After using your Mac for a while, you will notice splotches or dust on the laptop screen. They can obscure your vision and interrupt your workflow. You can purchase an all-in-one screen cleaning kit for your Mac to ensure the display is always clean.

Port Adapter to Manage Several Devices

MacBooks have only two USB-C ports. This can be restricted if you need to use several gadgets simultaneously. It is alright for people working with fewer gadgets, but your workflow will be seriously interrupted if you need multiple devices to finish a single task.

You can get a port adapter to help you in such situations. The adapter comes with multiple USB-C ports to charge and access multiple devices. The adapter will also help you organize cords that may disrupt your work.

The Bottom Line

The Mac accessories mentioned above can augment your productivity and streamline your workflow. You can also consider investing in a good webcam if you need to attend several video conferences and meetings or get the latest iPhone and use the Continuity feature in macOS Ventura. You can speak to a gadget expert before making random purchases.